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It’s funny how life leads you down paths, to places you never intended to go.

I woke up this morning thinking about fashion.

Anyone who knows me, I mean really knows me, knows that’s an odd occurrence.  Sure, I notice cute clothes, like to look trendy and over the years, I’ve tried not to completely exit the speeding fashion train.  But for me to wake up with fashion on the brain. . . um no.  So why in the world did I wake up thinking about fashion?

Because it’s Fashion Friday, of course.

Well, not really.  It’s really because of all the conversations, all the research and the way my heart is changing toward clothing and shopping. For a lot of years, I’ve tried to turn a deaf ear.   To pretend it wasn’t my job.   To let someone else take care of it.

But the things you learn, you can never unlearn.

When I decided to focus on telling stories of women who give back through their businesses and selling their products in our shop, I had NO IDEA how much I would change in the process.   When I agreed to collaborate with My Refuge House to produce a runway show in November, built solely of ethical brands that give back, I was completely unaware of the impact it would have on me personally.

You guys, I can’t look at my closet the same way.

When I look at my clothes and shoes, I see loads of fast fashion and insane greed.  It doesn’t feel good.  It doesn’t align with what I’m learning.  It doesn’t match up to who I’m becoming.

As a result, I’ve decided to start musing about ethical fashion on Fridays.

Certainly not because I’m an expert, or have all the answers, simply because it’s something I’m learning to truly care about.

I’m taking a journey and I’d like to bring you along.  

I really have no idea where we’ll end up, but I have a feeling we’re going to change the world.  Besides, a journey is always better together.

Want to come along?

I’d love to hear.

To more love,



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