Friday HeartBeats: Tears in Heaven


Today’s HeartBeat is a sad one – but sometimes you feel sad. Not everything in life is happy, and music lets us express the sad as well. Eric Clapton with Tears in Heaven, shows us his pain and heartache in this one.


Song Title? Tears in Heaven

Artist? Eric Clapton

Year the song came out? 1992 

Genre? Classic Rock

How did you find it?

My dad showed me the great joy that is classic rock at a very young age. I can’t pinpoint the exact time in which this song came into my life, but it is a safe bet that I was in my dad’s truck on the way to school.

What is your favorite part of the song?

This song is beautiful both because of the sounds and the story behind it. Written after the death of his young son, Clapton used this song to express how he felt in his time of loss.

The beauty behind this song is how real it is. A father mourning the loss of his son after a horrible tragedy, it brings about the greatest feelings of empathy.

 History behind the song?

At four years old, Conor Clapton died after falling from the 53rd floor of his mother’s apartment building. Eric Clapton had just begun to have a real relationship with his son at this time because Clapton and Conor’s mother had been separated. This was one of the first songs written after Clapton came out of a period of isolation.

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