Friday HeartBeats: Be OK

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another story about what makes our heart beat.

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Song Title: Be OK

Artist: Ingrid Michaelson

Year the song came out: 2008

Genre: Indie Pop

How did you find it? I’d first heard Ingrid Michaelson’s music during my sophomore year of high school when I saw the music video for The Way I Am. I really liked the unique sound of her voice and the way her music sounded – she used very few instruments in her songs, which gave it an almost acoustic feel. I kind of kept her name on my radar, and wound up first hearing Be OK during my senior year. It was a pretty hectic time, and this song cheered me up a lot.

What about this song do you love most? My favorite thing about this song is that it’s inspirational without trying to force you to ignore the problems in your life. It’s a song about powering through despite the hard times, and it definitely helped me through some tough points in my life.

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