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During one of the last nights of summer, I had a group of boys at Chick-Fil-A late one night.  They were checking out the play area while I was standing near the counter, waiting for the food when I got a text from Laura Roach (our fab attorney sponsor!).  It was this picture, with the caption:

“Do you know who this is?”

I knew that face, but couldn’t place her with Laura at a restaurant at night.  Obviously, whatever I said would be shared between the two of them.  Buying some time to think, I responded with “Is this a trick?”  Laura replied, “Wine Glass Writer“.  AHHHH – instantly it clicked.  “That’s Renée!”  Laura knows all about Wine Glass Writers because Renée and her mother Jeannine (who founded the company together) have been sponsoring our GNO, and giving away their writers for more than two years now (I wrote about them in 2017 here).  No doubt Laura owns a collection of them!

But I’ve never even met Reneé. 

She lives in rural Canada . . . like literally on a farm.  Laura explained that she was randomly in Canada at dinner for a company she’s on the board for and Renée’s husband works for the company there!  She said they had a great time together.  She said, “I LOVED her!  She’s such a kind-hearted person.”  The next day, Laura told me that she literally picked the most friendly-looking person at the table and sat by her.  Turns out, the only person Renée knows in Dallas is me.  It would seem that the world is so small.  But it’s not that the world is really that small.

Sometimes you just have to look for the others. 

Seth Godin talks about this often.  When he says, “Find the others because tribes build sideways.”, this is exactly what he’s talking about.  Laura found “the others”, even all the way in Canada. Whether she knew it or not, she could sense that Renée was one of us.

When you join a tribe that cares enough to do things differently, you’ll easily connect with the others. 

It’s not about being some exclusive clique that allows some “in” and keeps some “out”.  It’s about finding the ones who care about people the way you care about people, and joining them.  It’s about finding the others who are generous, kind and interested in making a difference with this one life they have, just like you are.

It’s about seeing the good in people on a deeper level and connecting with that, often before you’ve even said a word.

In this season of your life, whether you’re at a board meeting in Canada, a sales call in Dallas, a PTA meeting in Frisco or in an online forum with others seeking to learn and grow . . .

Find the others.  

It’s not only how you make an enormous difference.

It’s how you enjoy the journey.


Find the others.  

to more love,


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