Don’t miss anything 

 My dad came over to play with the boys yesterday. While he was there we talked about some things we both remembered about my Grandma.  One thing we both remember well about Grandma is that she always made a point to be present.  

She lived to be in community with others.

It reminded Dad of a piece of advice Jim Rohn often gave. He encouraged people not to miss anything.  He said truly living was about showing up for the big moments of the people in your life. 

It’s no coincidence that my long-time best friend Steph was in the hospital at that very moment, in anticipation of delivering her first baby. I’d been waiting all day for the go to grab the boys and head down to see her. 

We waited and waited

Finally, late last night, it became clear she might be up against a long labor.  She would have understood if I’d have gone to bed and come to see her tomorrow. That makes sense for a working mom. 

But I didn’t want to miss it. 

Having her first baby is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I could get a little sleep or I could be there with her.   

I could miss it or choose to be there. 

It was SO worth it to be there at 2:45 this morning when a beautiful baby girl named Stella came into the world. 

Of course we can’t always be there. 

Life is all about priorities and sometimes they collide. But we can make it our goal not to miss anything for the people in our inner circle.  We can let it help guide our choices. 

It’s worth it to be a little sleepy and have this moment to remember. 

What moment do you need to be present for today? 

Don’t miss it. 

to more love,


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