Connection in imperfection


There are so many stories to tell with too little time. . . and too little sleep!  If you’re paying close attention, you might have noticed I didn’t show up here on Friday.  I’m really sorry about that.  I aim for 5 days a week, snow, rain, sleet or gloom. But, Girl.

It was a week like I haven’t known.

It was nonstop fun and touring on the field trip.  Then by my request, the busses left me on the side of the road with all my luggage in Austin to catch an Uber to the airport and a flight home Wednesday night.  (That’s when I learned Lyft and Uber are illegal in Austin.) But hey, it just added to the adventure!  Thursday, I found a new photographer for the evening, via frantic Facebook stalking (there’s definitely a blog in there because Jessica is our soul sister!), tied up all the other loose ends, then loaded up my car with all the GNO set up items and threw our fun floral workshop party.  I crawled in bed after midnight and Friday morning came too early.

It was “Field Day” at the school, followed by early release.

This Mama was ready to spend some QT with those precious babies of mine before we flung ourselves into the weekend flurry of activity.  But Noah came home with a fever so we snuggled on the couch instead.  And we stayed planted there most of the day on Saturday, while Dad pulled through taking Oakley to the football draft combine and his football game.  It was an unexpected change in pace.

It was a day of rest. 

While I felt terrible about not getting a blog out on Friday.  I knew I was choosing what was better.  To show up for my own family and my own life.  Showing up at Field day and later, on that couch.   That was where I needed to be.   My kids need to see my humanity.

And so do you.  

It’s in our imperfections we find our connection.  I hope in mine you’ll see a mama, paving a path, driven by prioritizing my own needs and those of the ones I love.

After all, that’s what I’m here to encourage you to do too.

Until tomorrow. . .

to more love,


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