A little slice of paradise

This past week has been insane, from a sheer “activity” level.  Life is always busy, but the past seven days have run me a little bit ragged.  From three days on the fourth grade field trip, to putting on the GNO, to throwing together a hat for a Derby party, to a benefit dinner for International Justice Mission last night. . . I’m ready for a NAP!  And it’s not stopping anytime too soon with spring performances and Mother’s Day on the horizon.

Life is busy for you too.

How do I know?  Because you’re human and we live in a fast-paced world.  We keep crazy schedules, pushing our bodies to the end of their capacities every day.  We give it all we’ve got.

Then we get up and do it all over again.  

In some ways that’s good.  We’re fully living, doing all we can.  But if you’re anything like me, I have this idea in my head of some fantasy land in the future where I’ll stop.  I’ll sit on a beach, gathered around a table, snuggled up on couches, or huddled around a fire with the people I love.  We’ll talk and laugh for hours. . . with no other plans, except to be right there.  But sadly, that fantasy land in the future will never show up for any of us, unless we decide to put a plan in place to make it.


That’s why the GNO events light me up so much! 

I LOVE seeing women show up with their girlfriends with no plans for anything, except to play.  To sit across the table (maybe not with their feet up, or toes in the sand), look each other in the eyes, and talk about life.   The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

All of it.

This picture, from last Thursday’s Bloom Floral Workshop GNO (with Lauren of Blue Posy) is one of my favorites so far.  These ladies showed up together.  They “huddled up”.  Their hands are full, because they are creating something beautiful in the world.

And yet, their hearts are open.  

There are many times in life we must practice healthy boundaries and say “no” to good things.  Especially when we realize that they deplete us more than they fill us up.  We have to learn to take care of ourselves in that way.

But “no” can be a slippery slope.

When you get so practiced at saying “no” that you find yourself saying no to the things that would fill you up and give you the energy to keep going.  Things that might actually put a little spring back in your step

Sometimes the answer is yes.

“I’m showing up – no matter how tired I am, no matter how crazy my week has been. . . I’m showing up for myself in my life.  I’m taking my own oxygen first.  I’m filling my cup so I’ll have something to share with the people I love.” 

If that’s you today, go ahead sister, show up for you.  

Take care of yourself.  Take a nap.  Take a walk.  Close your eyes for five minutes.  Call a friend on your drive.

Because we need the beauty only you can bring to this world.  

Put a plan in place for a little slice of paradise in your life.  Then guard it like the treasure it is.  And show up for it.

No matter what.

to more love,


P.S. I know, I know.  I’m taking my own advice.  😉


  1. Oh my!!! Who are those pretty ladies? LOL
    I really really enjoyed my 1st GNO night and so glad I could go! Can’t wait for the next one and you did amazing job!! So inspiring! My heart was full that day with my bundle of flowers💟

    1. Yes! They are so beautiful aren’t they!?! 😉 It was SO wonderful to have you with us Jasmine. I too, can’t wait for the next one! Thank you girl. Heart full = SUCCESS! XOXO!

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