Community doesn’t happen by accident


Circle of friends ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStoriesWe spent some time with friends last weekend at the lake.  These particular friends are really good at “hanging”.  They know how to gather friends and create a space that makes everyone feel welcome.

The house is amazing, but they haven’t finished renovating it yet.  There’s a lot they still want to do over the years, but they’re very clear about their priorities.   So they built a fire pit and furnished it with twenty lawn chairs.

Community is their priority and they knew the fire would draw us in.  

We kept coming back to it’s beautiful, warm glow.  Even though it was smoky (and at times, even hard to breath) there was something so inviting and welcoming about that circle of flames.  That circle of friends.

It was a safe, fun and relaxing place to be.

I want my life to be like that.  Don’t you?  I want to create safe spaces for people to gather.  I want friends to feel warmed by the glow of the fire.  To know they’re always welcome around the circle.

But that doesn’t happen by accident.  

Our friend spent a lot of time with his dad out in that lawn building that fire pit.  He chose exactly the right spot and exactly the right amount of stones.  He had to ignite the fire and keep it going all night.  He stoked the flame when it would start to dwindle.  He added more wood several times through the night.  He never stopped paying attention.

It works the same way in all relationships.

It’s not easy.   If you want to create community, you have to do the work.  Put another stone around that fire pit today. Seeing your friends glowing around that circle will be worth it tomorrow.

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  1. I love this and it is oh so true!

    1. Thank you Dusty! This is something I know you’re great at!

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