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Don’t you just love the song by OMI, Cheerleader?  Every time you hear it, don’t you get this happy little feeling that makes you want to flutter around the room?

Oh, that’s just me?   

Oh, ok.  Moving on. . . 

Seriously, who wouldn’t want a cheerleader like this?

When I need motivation
‘Cause she stays strong
Yeah, yeah
She is always in my corner
She is always right there when I need her

It’s funny because the role of cheerleaders at games is to cheer to the crowd.  To get everyone else fired up about the game.

And that’s great.

But in life, we all need cheerleaders to cheer us on behind the scenes.  We need them in our locker rooms and smiling silently from the stands.

I have a friend named Rebekah who has, for no apparent reason, decided to begin cheering me on.  She’s always been so kind and supportive, ever since we fist met.  But I asked to borrow her truck one day and since then, I’ve received multiple random text messages sent solely to encourage me to keep going.

She sends messages like, “You’re a faithful friend and a great momma.”   She doesn’t know it, but they come in the exact moment I’m struggling to believe I’m either of those.

Who does that?!?

Not enough of us.  

Life is a winding path of ebbs and flows.   Today you may need a cheerleader and tomorrow you may need to be one for someone else.

Maybe you have a friend who is standing at the top of a cliff about to jump.  She doesn’t necessarily need you to jump with her.  She needs you to stand there and hold her hand until she does.  And then she’s going to need you at the bottom, ready with plan b (or an ambulance as the case may be).

Cheer her on.  

There’s no doubt, your day will come and she’ll be cheering for you too.

Life is hard.  Why not help someone keep going today?

Be a cheerleader. 

to more love,


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