Because I said so

Because I said so | HeartStoriesDid your parents ever say this when you were growing up?  Do you ever say it?  When an argument has grown so frustrating that you just can’t think of anything else, those words come flying out sometimes.

It’s like the last stand.  

It doesn’t matter why.  The only thing that matters is because I said so.

Writing this blog is like that for me some days.

Just like you, my life gets a little nutty sometimes.  We take crazy one-day road trips and get back in the middle of the night.   I have a sick kid or I feel sick.   Sometimes I feel so squeezed that there’s just nothing left to give and I don’t want to write.

I feel like I have nothing to say.

But most days, I sit down to this computer anyway.  I type and erase and type again.  Why?

Because I said so.  

I do it because I committed to do it. I do it because I said I would.  In January, I made a committment to myself to blog 5 days a week.  Not because I have something to say, but to find out what I have to say.

As tough as it is to get out of bed, or make the time during the day, it’s been so worth it.  I’m learning so much about you and about myself.  I’m learning what you want to hear, what you need to hear, and how you accept it best.

I’m learning about vulnerability and connection in a way I couldn’t learn it if I didn’t write everyday.  And it’s incredibly fulfilling.

It’s the last stand.  

Am I going to do what I said I would do . . . or not?

What’s a promise you’ve made to yourself lately?  What’s something you’ve said you’re going to do?

Wake up earlier? Start working out?  Eat healthier?  Read a book?  Write a book? Have quiet time? Spend time with your parents?  Spend time with your friends or your spouse?

I encourage you to start doing it today.  Just one thing.  Try it for one week.

Do it because you said you would.

It will change more than you think.

to more love,



  1. You amaze me with how much you have to say. Boggles my brain with some of the things you come up with. Always right on!

    1. Thank you Quay! (It boggles my brain to get it out sometimes! 😉 )

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