A trip to the fair

As the weather in Texas cools off from the 100s, all the way down to the 90s, it brings along dreams of pumpkins, warm fires, and all the fun that is The State Fair of Texas.  From the corny dogs and fried . . . everything, to the always interesting exhibits, the rides, Big Texas and games at the midway, to the iconic ferris wheel.  This image is the boys and me at the State Fair five years ago.  As with many of the memories held so dearly in the camera roll on my phone, it feels like yesterday, and a lifetime ago, all at once.

I’m so thankful we took that trip to the fair.

There’s no shortage of images on my phone, I can promise you that.  But I wish I had just a few more of our trips to the fair.  I wish we had a picture of the giant stuffed “Cowie” we won throwing darts at balloons.  (He was a five-foot round stuffed and treasured possession until he was somehow mysteriously lost in the move.)  I wish we had a picture of us trying to eat the funnel cakes, a video of the boys trying so hard to shoot baskets, or climb that revolving net.  As gross as the fair feels sometimes with the Texas humidity, wet sticky ground, and mobs of people on all sides, there’s a nostalgia about being there that solidifies memories for years to come.

It freezes those moments in time, because we made them something special. 

I know life is nuts, and getting to the fair may not be in the cards, but making moments special is possible wherever you are.  As you breathe in the “fall air”,  let it remind you that something new is coming.  A new season is on the horizon.  The current one is quickly passing, both the good and the bad.

Let the changes be a reminder that today won’t come again.  

Make plans to go to the fair.

Or simply put your phone down and play a game or two, face-to-face.  

Freeze some moments.

Make them something special. 

And take a picture, to make it easy to rehearse the memory for years to come.

Time keeps marching on. 

You won’t regret a trip to the fair.

to more love,


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