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A chocolate adventure

Over the weekend, we were given a box of chocolates.  As you can see, by the utter shock on Oakley’s face, this was just any old box of chocolates.  It was a box of Kate Weiser, hand painted bonbons.  They are each a unique work of art.  As we gathered the family to dissect and devour them, I was reminded of the infamous Bubba Gump quote,

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”

Each chocolate was stunning and intriguing on the outside and every family member had a different reaction to the flavorful surprises on the inside.  We were thankful for the helpful roadmap to guide us through out tasting journey, and we followed it carefully.  First was the Dark Chocolate Caramel, an easy win for everyone.   Then we adventured into the Hazelnut Latte, Banana Dulcey, Peanut Brittle (the crowd pleaser), Key Lime Pie, and …

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It’s a Choice

This word, choice.  Over the last few days, it keeps popping out at me in books, blogs, social media posts and even back to school paperwork.

It seems like everywhere I look, I keep seeing this word.  

There are so many chances in life for us to make choices.  But often we miss them, because they’re disguised. Sometimes they’re disguised in emotional reactivity.  Like when I almost instantly yell “STOP IT!” as soon as the boys start to argue over a Nerf bullet for the 15th time today.  When I do that, I miss my chance for a choice.

Because I don’t pause long enough to look for it.

Sometimes choices are disguised as a long, hard journey to a place you’ve never been.  Like when you’re faced with an opportunity to do something generous and meaningful, but the finances just don’t line up.  You can keep waiting for the right circumstances to …

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Anticipate the trades


If this picture is any indication, the boys had a great weekend.  In fact, they had a great summer.  Almost every day was filled with bikes on the lawn, the pounding of giant feet on the steps, and shrills of laughter echoing through the house.  It was loud and rambunctious.

My house will never be the same.  

Neither will my boys.   They grew up a lot this summer.  They heard a lot of words, I’m pretty sure they’ve never heard before.  They learned how to resolve new kinds of friendship conflicts.  They tried all kinds of new foods and gained all kinds of new confidence.

They’re going back to school quite a bit more grown up than they were when they came home in May.

Come tomorrow, they’ll be walking into the school all gussied up with their book bags.  They’ll be whisked off, all strong and confident, but there will be …

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