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The beauty eating the greenery at Girls Night Out?   That’s my joyful friend Melanie.  She brings laughter wherever she goes.  She’s brilliant and wise.  She’s serious about supporting parents as they navigate the unknown waters of raising kids.

But you can always count on her to bring the laughter.  

Yesterday, as I watched a quick video of Mel and her husband Jeff promoting a parenting class they teach together at our church, I couldn’t help but smile at their joy.  Those two seem to always be laughing.  Case in point: While we had a house full of guests during a holiday party, they led their entire home group to our house to sing Christmas carols.  Only Jeff and Melanie. . . they wore pantyhose on their heads.  Yep.  They were singing loudly in front of a crowd of mostly strangers, in stockings caps, like bank robbers.  There’s a backstory of course.  I laughed so hard I cried.  The point is, the Domens know how to laugh.

They do it with intention.  

I’ve heard it said that laughter may not add years to your life, but it will add life to your years.  I believe wholeheartedly that it does both.  It’s a big part of why my life’s work is focused on creating enjoyable, fun, connecting and meaningful experiences for women.  But as a result, sometimes I catch myself feeling guilty, or at least awkward, about what that says about my privilege in this life.  I wrestle with the enormous amount of time we spend on the seemingly trivial details of things like catering, linens, floral arrangements and stemware.  But when I see images of GNO like the one above, it reminds me of my why.

“I am especially glad of the divine gift of laughter: it has made the world human and lovable, despite all its pain and wrong.”  ~ W.E.B. DuBois

Through our Girls Night Out, we create a safe and consistent place for women to rest in their otherwise fast-paced, busy life.  We offer scheduled time for laughter and joy in a world that can sometimes feel entirely full of challenges and pain.  And at the end of the day, this is my lane.  This is my passion.  Bringing joy to the women we serve adds life to their years.  It inspires them to live the stories of their hearts.

Don’t feel guilty about making space for joy and laughter.

The world has enough pain and wrong.  Creating space for joy, connection, and fun makes the world more human and lovable, both for you, and the ones around you too.  Relish in that.

Laugh, and add life to your years today.

to more love,


p.s.  So if you’re considering joining us for a GNO, go get registered today.  It’s sure to add a little life to your years!  

Photo cred: Vanessa Corral Photography

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