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Take the leap ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

On Saturday, I got the privilege of leaping across rocks with these two lovely ladies.   It was unexpected, but quite an exhilarating adventure on a beautiful Saturday morning.   I went over to my friend Melanie’s house with the sole purpose of finally meeting her sister, Michelle.   We’ve been trying to meet for such a long time, so we squeezed it in just before she left town.

The sun was shining, so all the boys left to play basketball at the courts across the creek.  We watched them daringly leap across the rocks and make it safely to the other side.   After some time passed, we decided we should go check on them.  So we walked further down the creek to the safer little bridge in the rocks.   When it was time to head home, we looked at the path they took.  We debated, laughed about it, and then decided to take the leap.

It turns out, we all cross rocks differently.

I forged ahead first hoping and praying the next leap didn’t leave me and my phone drenched.   I tried to hold out a hand for Mel to jump on a couple of rocks, but it turned out what she really needed was some runway to land, not my hand.  So I went on ahead and got to snap this fun picture.  Michelle found it easier to carry her shoes and use her bare feet to grip the stone so she didn’t slip.

We needed different things, but we all laughed and squealed the entire way.

The same is true of our lives.  We’re all taking leaps.  We’re crossing our own kinds of rivers.  Sometimes it seems like we’re on treacherous, slippery rocks and we need our friends to be right there with us.  We need the laughter and the support.

But leaping looks different for everyone.

As friends we have to remember this and hold space for each other.  Realizing that you might have wanted a hand to hold, doesn’t mean your sister will.  She may just want to see you ahead and know you’re there to catch her if she falls.  Another friend may simply need you to hold her shoes so she doesn’t slip.

We can share the journey without traveling the same way.

I think sometimes we watch others leap and give ourselves an out, because they don’t leap the same way we would.  Or we know we’re not meant to leap the way they do.   So we just sit on the sidelines believing that we’re not meant to leap at all.

I call bull honky.

Today, in celebration of Leap Year, I encourage you to stop and think about a leap you’ve been wanting to take.  Think about what it might look like for you.  Think about who you’d want to travel with you and what leaping might look like for them.

Write it down.

Jot a note, either to yourself or even better,  to your friend.  Write down a leap, big or small, you’ve been wanting to make and date it today, February 29th.   Make this extra-special day, the day you decide you’ll do it.

You’re meant to leap. . . and you don’t have to do it alone.

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