Your special sunflower

At the creek this weekend, we were all supposed to be panning for shark teeth.  And to be fair, I did my share.  But at my core, I like to wander.  I like to explore, to see what else is waiting just around the bend.  So while the boys were inspecting and sifting all the “finds”, I was taking pictures of wildflowers.

This sunflower, in particular, is to blame.

It stood up tall, like it was the only one in the field.  It was calling me over, so I obliged.  I took one picture and realized it absolutely wouldn’t do. The image didn’t capture the brilliance of this flower.  Then I remembered the “portrait” setting on the camera, that never ceases to confuse me.  I thought it was worth a try. . . and Voilá!  There it was!  This is precisely how it looked in the field.

Everything else was a blur while this one flower took center stage. 

As our kids go back to school, our news feeds and night stands are full of conversations about how to be a perfect parent.  They run the gauntlet – everything from packing chemical free, vegan lunches, to making them figure it all out themselves.  I’ve read notes about not creating extra moments of joy for the kids, by just letting them have their struggles and normalcy – to making sure to pack each item with a special love note to build self-esteem.  Mom guilt peeks out at every turn.

But at the end of the day – this is how you see your baby.  

They are your special sunflower, standing out, all alone.  All the others in the field are just a blur.  That is by design.  Your hearts are woven together.

It’s okay to celebrate them in the way only you can.   

No one else can see them or celebrate them like you can. That’s what your mama heart is for.  There are some moments in time when it’s okay to forget all the rules in all the books and articles you’ve read.  Let it all fade, while you cherish and celebrate the special wildflowers who stand out in your view above the rest.  You’re the one who knows what is best.

Just do it.  

It’s true with your kids and it’s true in the rest of your life too. You’ll always be constantly bombarded with advice and opinions.  Everyone has something to say about how things should be done.  But at the end of the day, your life is only yours to live.

All the choices are yours to make.

So take in what’s helpful, and let go of what’s not.  Blend together what fits.  And go ahead and stand out.

Stand tall, proud and beautiful. 

We need you.

to more love,


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