Your beautiful tapestry

Your beautiful tapestry HeartStories
I woke up this morning to an email explaining just exactly how costly a mistake I made is going to be.  It was a sinking feeling.

It’d be easy to want to crawl under a rock and hide right about now.

It’d be easy to fire up the internal tape player playing the worn out track that reminds me I don’t have enough experience in business.  The one that shouts, “They told you so.”  The one that endlessly taunts me with the temptation to give up.

It would also be easy to give in and listen.  

It would be easy because I’ve been so busy with the wrap up of Shop by HeartStories at  Fashioned for Freedom, company for Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, the boys schedules and end of year activities, etc. . . and amid it all working to refocus my mind and heart on where we’re headed in the new year.

It would be easy, but I know better.  

I felt all those feelings welling up (I still feel them right now), but I closed the email and immediately wrote my 3 Gratitudes.  I took a few deep breaths and reminded myself that I can’t change the mistakes I made in the past.  I can only control my response to them.  I can learn (learn, learn, learn, learn…) and keep going.  I can look expectantly for a solution and work to find it.

I’ll let myself feel sad, yes.  But waste time feeling sorry for myself?  Nope.  Not today.  There’s too much riding on it.  And I have too much to be grateful for.   I have too much to learn.

So as I sat down to write, with all the competing stories still swirling in my head, I remembered the wise advice I heard from Glennon Melton a few weeks ago.   She’s an amazing writer and leader and she was asked her methodology for choosing subjects to write on.  She said, “I give them what I need in the moment.”   That struck me as so wise because at the end of the day, we are all the same.  We have the same feelings, the same desires, and the same struggles.

So today, I give you peace.  I give you love.  I give you hope.  

Maybe you’ve made a mistake that you’re really beating yourself up over.  Telling yourself you should have known better and that you wouldn’t ever make a mistake like that again.  Well, here you are and it’s happened again.   If you’re feeling embarrassed, discouraged, and frustrated with yourself,  you’re not alone.

I’m totally with you today sister.

Know that you are loved.  That your life, even this very thorn in your flesh, is creating a beautiful tapestry.  You just can’t quite see the design yet.  Don’t stop in the middle to try to start a new tapestry.  This one is going to be stunning, if you don’t quit.

If you’re not feeling any of those things today. . . carry on.  Carry on.  This post will still be here when it’s your turn. 😉

Either way, I’m grateful you’re here and we’re creating our beautiful tapestries together.

to more love,


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