You have a choice in the caverns

Our first adventure off the bus on the way to San Antonio last week was a stop at The Natural Bridge Caverns state park.  Initially it was a welcome break for all of us mamas to get up on our feet, use the facilities and stretch our legs walking.  We stood under the natural slab bridge, listening to the story of the sinkhole that collapsed where we stood leaving the bridge suspended above us.  We learned that the caverns are 70 degrees inside, year-round.

I was really looking forward to that shade and cool air!

I think I must have been chit-chatting or Facebook “live-ing” when our guide mentioned the part about the 99% humidity caused by the rainwater seeping through the porous limestone.  That’s what I get for not paying attention.


All we mamas were trying to so hard to stay engaged on the way down to our, 180 feet below the surface, final perch.  After all, it truly was interesting and beautiful.  We were enjoying all the gorgeous colors and formations, listening to the stories shared by our guide, who really didn’t seem to enjoy kids much.

Of course, our conversation got a little off track.  

Haley, Holly and I began chatting about plans for our upcoming Girls Night Out, birthday party.  I’d grappling with ideas about wine and cheese pairings and other way too sophisticated plans.   But suddenly, right there in the middle of that humid cavern, Haley threw out the idea of the century!  Get ready.

I’m going to tell you all about it tomorrow!

But let’s suffice to say that’s when the conversation went totally silly.  Surely it was mostly because of the lack of oxygen.  We couldn’t stop laughing and making jokes, while the sweat was rolling down our backs.  When we looked at the calcite formations we were seeing all sorts of creatures and images, much the way you do when you see formations in the clouds.  Right at the point, when we were  just plain loopy, we began the ascent back up the 180 feet.  The laughter subsided a bit.

As we reached what appeared, at last, to be the top, we saw this.

The path to the exit was a LONG ramp, heading straight up.  There wasn’t much laughter at all on the way out.  We just put it in high gear and looked forward to the grand exit into the hot Texas sun.  Our time in the caverns will live on forever in my mind.

It’s a vivid image of the different journeys in your life.

You have a picture in your mind of the way things are going to play out.   When reality sets in, it’s often quite different from what you were expecting.  At times it’s even difficult and trying.   It’s at that point you have a choice.  You can get mad and frustrated, losing all chance of redeeming the situation.

Or you can laugh.

You can get creative with a friend and ask for insight.  You can come up with interesting solutions.  You can stick together.  (literally)  The best ideas weren’t born in the good times.

They were born in the struggle.  

When reality sets in for you today, no matter how different it may be from what you were expecting. . .

Remember, you have a choice in the caverns.  

to more love,


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