You, are a queen

I didn’t grow up loving fresh-cut flower arrangements.  In fact, I’ve always mostly thought they were a poor choice for a gift because they die so quickly and they make more work for the receiver who has to water them and care for them.

That is until I met florist, Lauren Sorden of Blue Posy Floral Design.

You think I’m kidding or exaggerating, but I’m not.  For our first six months, to one year of HeartStories Girls Night Out, I would cut wildflowers and drop them in little Edison bulb vases on each of the tables. Voila!  We had flowers! But when Kelly Simants temporarily joined the team to elevate the entire experience, my wildflower dreams quickly transformed into the fresh-cut professional floral arrangements.  They were stunning, but I knew they weren’t sustainable without a long-term floral partner.

That’s when I met Lauren. 

Not only did she begin creating stunning displays for Girls Night Out, but I also watched her teaching floral workshops for in-home GNOs.  In her photos, I saw rooms of laughing girlfriends arranging flowers in pumpkins, mason jars, and anything else she dreamed up.  She gathered women around flowers, but it was a beautiful image of connection.  It was creative, joyful and fun.  Almost immediately, we hosted her as our Featured Guest for a floral-arranging girls night out and it was a sell-out success!  The ladies loved it.

We couldn’t squeeze enough chairs in the room. 

That’s when I learned to love flowers.  Because now, they’re so much more than dying plants.  They’re a tangible reminder of life, creativity, joy, laughter, and fun.  Since that first class, we’ve been creative with hosting different versions of her floral workshops for Girls Night Out, at least once a year.  And they always sell out.  As soon as we decided to host another one of her workshops in March, I started researching, because I wanted it to be unique and unlike anything we’d done before.  When I saw floral crown workshops, I knew this was exactly our kind of girls night activity!  (And, of course, because I wanted to tie in the fun of St. Paddy’s Day, we’re adding clover to the crowns.) 

Because it wasn’t just about the flowers.  

Crowns of Clover GNO ~ a flower crown workshop to celebrate the Queen you are” is about reminding you that real crowns aren’t made of rhinestones (or flowers), they’re made of discipline, determination, & courage.  The 3 leaves of the iconic March clover symbolize the kind of faith, hope, & love it takes to be a queen . . . & just like a hard-to-find lucky 4 leaf clover, a done-for-you night with the girls is lucky to have!   I’ve learned to love scouring Pinterest for inspiring quotes on our girls night out themes and all the crown quotes cut straight to my heart for this GNO.
Whether you’re joining us for the Crowns of Clover GNO, or not, I hope you’ll be inspired by these quotes that inspired me to create this girls night:
“She wears the crown to remind her of the dreams she was once too scared to dream.”
“A queen will always turn pain into power.”
“Your scars are someone else’s signs of hope.”
“You’re a queen who knows her crown isn’t on your head, but in your soul. That’s worth celebrating!”
“Every queen deserves a friend who understands when her crown gets heavy.”
“Heavy is the crown and yet she wears it as if it were a feather.  She is you.  A warrior.  A champion.  A fighter.  A Queen.”
You are, you know.
A strong, wise, compassionate queen, who was made in the fire.  
And if you ever doubt it, I’m here to remind you.
to more love and joy,
P.S.  You survived what you thought might kill you. Now straighten your crown & move forward, like the queen you are, with a decidedly-royal girls night out.  Gather with girlfriends for a creative night sipping wine & arranging greenery floral crowns.  This GNO is like a mini-retreat full of joy, for busy girlfriends to take a break, reconnect, be encouraged, & inspired.
Warning: While there’s so much meaning and symbolism built into this girl night, it also may be prone to shenanigans, hooliganism, & malarkey!  We still have a ticket for you!  Today is the best day to grab yours: Crowns of Clover GNO ~ a flower crown workshop to celebrate the Queen you are!

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