You are a dream catcher

It’s GNO night tonight and as I’ve been reflecting on this past year in preparation for the night, I remembered our Design Your Life GNO the first week of January last year.  It was a vision boarding workshop focused on casting a vision for the person you wanted to be in 2018.  It seems impossible that was an entire year ago!  Entirely impossible, but it’s true.

Now here we are, heading into our Dream Catchers GNO tonight with a similar, but different, agenda.  

Instead of vision boards, we’re making a fun modern version of dream catchers to be a visual symbol throughout this year that we are in control of what we allow to filter down into our lives.  The legend of the dreamcatcher hung over your bed, is that a spider weaves its web inside the hoop leaving a specific opening in the center.  It catches all the bad dreams in the web only allowing the good dreams to filter through the hole, down the feathers into your dreams.

We’re using that symbolism as a way to hold our dreams for this year. 

We don’t get a choice about what comes into the outer “web” of our lives.  But we get the next choice. . . we get to choose what we do with it.  We get to choose the perspective we take about it.  We get to choose how we respond.

We get to choose what we allow to influence our dreams.  

Whether the GNO tonight is for you or not, you get the same choice.  You have expectations, dreams, visions and goals for this new year, whether you’ve verbalized them yet or not.  Maybe you’re longing for more peace, joy, connection, or success.  Maybe you’re longing for better health or better relationships.  Maybe you want to have better boundaries, or be more generous.

All the good things you’re longing for, are available to you this year. 

But guess what . . .

They might not look the way you are hoping they will.  Sure, they might come with all the joy and gusto you’re hoping they will.  They also may come into your “web” looking more like challenges, struggle, and disappointments.  They might not feel as easy and fun as you expect them to.

That’s okay, because that is life, here in the messy middle. 

In the middle of your web, YOU get to decide what filters down into your life.  You can wrestle well with the disappointments in your web.  You don’t have to ignore the pain and frustration.  You can allow yourself to feel it and that’s okay.  It means you’re human, longing for perfection.   And when you are ready, you can filter out and gather the wisdom from the experiences that didn’t turn out the way you envisioned, and allow only that to flow into your life.   You can leave the painful weight of disappointments behind in the web.

That’s the real gift of goals and dreams. 

Sure, setting and achieving goals, is a beautiful thing.  But knowing that you are enough, no matter the outcome, is the real treasure.  Knowing that you’re in control of what you allow to influence you and how you choose to grow through all of life’s experiences, that is what catching your dreams is all about.

You are a dream catcher.  

Remember that.

to more love,


P.S.  The oh so scary  “Ice Storm of 2019” may be threatening us with flurries, but we will be warm and cozy inside catching all our good dreams tonight.  We’ll even have a warm mug of coffee for you to boot.  Come join us.

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