Working Out Our Strengths

I am a creature of habit.

I’m the girl who looks at the menu online before arriving at a restaurant.

I like sticky notes and strict schedules.

I find comfort in knowing what’s coming next.

You can imagine this kind of personality doesn’t do well with a lot of unknown.

And yet here I am, post-workout on my bedroom floor. Feeling sweaty and tired and strangely at peace.

These last few months have taken a tremendous amount of mental strength, and the upcoming ones might as well. This means we, solely us, are responsible for our own survival. And I’m not just referring to our health. The unknown has the power to destroy us psychologically before it ever touches us physically.

So here’s how I’m coping:

Every day I get up and make my bed. I do an online workout. I feed my body fuel (except for Sundays. That is the day of rest and Andy’s ice cream). I ordered some online essentials like hand weights and new loungewear. I’m lighting the “good” candles, because why not? If I’m stuck inside let it smell like heaven.

You see, I’m surviving because I’m busying my brain. I know my mental health. If the bed goes unmade, I unravel too. I’ve got to keep moving.

Find a new pattern, make new lists. Check off small things like laundry or e-learning. New normals feel funky at first, but we’ll get our bearings soon. This is a good time to reshape our strengths.

Because as the wise Johanna Gaines says,

“If you can’t find happiness in the ugliness, you’re not going to find it in the beauty either.”

To More Love,


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