Why am I here?


At the grocery store yesterday,  the boys and I were taking up an entire isle picking out all the right treats for Hartley’s birthday celebration.  A sweet lady turned down our row and was standing there staring blankly.   I apologized that we were in her way and asked the boys to move over to one side.  She laughed and said, That might be helpful if I had any idea why I turned down this row.

I can’t remember why I’m here.

Have you ever walked into your pantry, only to find yourself staring, wondering why in the world you walked in there?  What about Facebook?  Ever signed on to look for something and found yourself engaged an article about how to grill chicken on a candle warmer, then thought. . .

Wait, why am I here? 

It happens to me when I open the fridge.  When I find myself staring blankly into the boy’s closets.  Or when I walk in the laundry room and any number of other random places.   It happens way too often.

I’m constantly asking myself why I’m here.

It can be frustrating.  But lately, I’ve been pretending like it’s a little joke between God and me. When I catch myself saying, Why am I here?  I pause for a minute to level-set.  To think about what’s really most important in that moment, that project, or my life in general.

So when I open the fridge in the morning before school, in a rush to make breakfast or lunches, I’m reminded that it’s not about the cucumbers or the grapes.  It’s about those precious boys feeling loved and nourished.

That’s why I’m there, in that moment.

When I’m buying live, creepy, crawly crawfish (yikes!) for the first time at the fish counter, I’m reminded that it’s certainly not about my love of cooking.  It’s about finding new ways to connect with my husband and my son.  (Even if it means listening to those things crawl around in that bag.) 

Why are you here?  

If you’re anything like me, I’m guessing you have a few moments throughout the day you ask yourself that question.

Take it a step further.

Think about why you’re really there.  What’s the reason beyond the obvious?   Let yourself be reminded of what really matters.

And be encouraged.

It’s easy to feel like you’re rushing aimlessly through some days, not doing anything of significance.  But I bet if you take a minute to think about it,

There’s a reason you’re here.

And it matters more than you think.

to more love,


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