Who you are becoming, not who you used to be.

Who you are becoming, not who you used to be. HeartStories

Do you ever look back at your younger self and wonder where she went?   Do you miss her freedom, naivety, and energy that was so full of life?  Back when you were young, wild, and free?

I do.

Sometimes I have memories, or get glances of the younger me and I miss her.  I long to have less responsibility and more fun. To laugh more and stress less.  I wish I could unknow some of the things I know now.   I wish I could rid myself of bitterness and jaded perspectives on certain things and people.

Sometimes I wish I could get back to being that girl.

Then I remember everything that’s happened since then. I remember the relationships that were forged in those difficult places.  I remember what my choices taught me.  I remember all the things I’ve learned that enable me to help others, especially my children.

That’s when I’m reminded that I’m glad I’m not the same little girl, teenager, or even young adult I used to be.

I’m grateful for the older, wiser, stronger me I am becoming.

I hope you are too.

It’s easy to look back and only remember the highlights, the good times, and wish things could go back to the way they were. But today, I encourage you to look at the highlights of who you are becoming.

Today, be a little kinder to the woman you’re becoming.  

It’s been a hard road for her.  Look how far she’s come.  She’s amazing.   She’s beautiful.   Her relationships are deeper and more meaningful.  She’s more empathetic and caring. She’s stronger.  She’s wiser.

Make friends with her.

Let go of some of that guilt and shame in the gratitude of who you’ve become.

We need you to be who you are becoming, not who you used to be.  

to more love,


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