Who is on your path?

Andy Stanley quote People aren't in our wayWhat’s your plan for today?

Where is life taking you?  Who will you meet?

What will you spend your time doing?

What’s on your to-do list?

Seriously, I’m asking. . .  Think about it.

I read a story about a guy last night that gave me so much hope.   His name is Bo Quickel.  He’s fighting human trafficking by educating and rallying truck drivers across the country.   His organization is teaching drivers about the real choices they’re making when they choose to “hire” for sex. He’s using his own money to wrap truck cabs with messages.  He’s using what he has to make a difference.

Truckers were in his path.

My friend Heather Parady, started an outreach program called New Eyes to show love to dancers in Arkansas.   It’s not an industry she knew about, but it was in her path.  She knew she could show love to women who desperately needed it.  So she did.

Dancers were in her path.

Kristen Seidle left her high-paying high-fashion career to work for less, doing what she knows well how to do. She’s fighting human trafficking with her fashion industry chops.

Shoes were in her path.

Amanda Wengerd took a huge leap into entrepreneurship from being a stay at home mom after a trip that was planned as a one-time effort to join the fight against human trafficking.

A trip to Bulgaria and Greece was in her path.

Amy Bean got fed up with the amount of toys flowing between the children of privileged families and the lack of knowledge these kids have about giving back.  So she created a gift one, give one children’s gift company that allows parents to do good through gifting.  It also teaches children that their choices can make a difference.

Kids toys were in her path.

So what’s in your path today?

Who is in your path?

I love this quote by Andy Stanley.

People aren’t in our way.  They’re on our path.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a high-powered attorney, a photographer, a project manager, a teacher, a student, a doctor, a neighbor, a baker or a friend, there are people in your path that only you can touch.

The only way we’ll ever make substantial changes in the world, is by choosing to make a difference in our own path.

Wherever you’re headed today, open your eyes and look at whatever or whoever is in your path.  How can you help?  What change can you create.  You’re not on this path by accident.

Don’t step around the people, the need, or the opportunity that’s right in front of you.

No one else is coming.

It’s up to you.

To more love,



  1. This is good!!! I love “they are in our path”. I needed to be reminded of this. Whose’ in my path and what’s in my hand? What will I do about it? Thought provoking questions my friend!

    1. What will you do about it! Good question Toni! I’m excited to see. 😉

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