Where’s your safe place?

Where's your safe place? ~ Crystal Gornto ~ HeartStoriesThe weather was so strange here yesterday.  It was hot and muggy all day.  In the afternoon, the sky got dark, covered with big black clouds. Then suddenly it was sunny and beautiful for a little while.  But it wasn’t too long before the dark clouds started rolling in again and this time with wind and rain.

During spring in Texas, we know what this means.

Unfortunately, I think the boys have a little PTSD from the storm that took our fence and parts of our roof in March.  Those winds came up quickly and while we were running to our safe room we were watching our fence come out of the ground and fly towards the house.  It really was frightening.

Yesterday, the boys monitored the radar app closely while I made dinner.  

Based on the reports coming in, it certainly sounded like we’d be heading to the safe room again soon.  So I asked the boys to start making preparations.  They gathered the dog leashes, pillows, waters and a tray for our dinner.  I thought I was keeping the tone light and fun, but it wasn’t working for one of them.

He was feeling scared and it started to show.  

As soon as he started crying, the wind picked up and the storm sirens began blowing.   We all grabbed our assigned things and headed toward our safe room.

Now to be clear our safe room is the closet under the stairs.  It’s full of stuff and only “safe” because it’s in the center of the house and not near windows.  But really, it’s safe for us because it’s where we go.  We’ve been running to this room in storms for 12 years. . . and it’s always been safe.

We know the drill. 

The wind and rain may be howling.  The dogs may be resistant.  The sights and sounds on the way may be frightening, but once we get to that room, it’s calm.  It’s safe and sound.

We’re safe, we’re together, and that’s all we need.  

That’s when we pray, text friends and family, we watch the radar and talk about our fears.   We calm the pups and each other.   We hold hands.

We wait.

Eventually, the sun returns and the sirens go silent.  That’s when we know it’s safe to start piling out of the closet to resume normal life activities.  That’s when we know we made it.

It’s time to assess the damage and begin the work of repairing.

This morning, I couldn’t help but think about some friends who are weathering some pretty scary storms.  The wind is blowing and the rain is beating down.   They’re scared.  They’re mad.  They’re traumatized.

Some days, it’s all they can do just to make it to their safe place. 

When they do, they need to know we’re there.  Together.  Ready to hold hands and pray.  Prepared to stay until the storm passes.  Ready to assess the damage and work together to repair it.

Sometimes you need to be the safe place.

Other times you’re the one who needs a safe place.

All the time, we need each other.

Where’s your safe place?

to more love,


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