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My friend Heather gave me a book for my birthday called, “The Best Yes, making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands” by Lysa Terkurst.  It is chock-full of wisdom for the daily journey of a busy woman.  If you ever find yourself saying yes to opportunities that are good, but not the best for you because you don’t want to hurt someone or upset the apple cart, this book is for you.  Lysa beautifully uncovers the ways our yeses, made only out of concern for offending or upsetting others, hurt us all in the end.  Best of all, she provides a solution.

Chasing down decisions.  

“Our decisions aren’t just isolated choices.  Our decisions point our lives in the directions we’re about to head.  Show me a decision and I’ll show you a direction.” ~ Lysa Terkhurst

Lysa tells story after story in which one seemingly small, easy decision leads to a long, difficult path.   Trying the new fancy latté leads to gaining 25 pounds.  Agreeing to a “I just want to pick your brain” meeting leads to a grumpy mom.  Saying yes to an honest conversation leads to a deeper friendship.  And on and on. . . When you chase down the small decisions they lead to the direction of your life.   I could share so many of my own stories here, both good directions and bad.

But I’ll spare you and only share one.   

I have a tendency to get “extra passionate” when my kids don’t do what I ask them to, when I ask them to.  I try to be patient.  I try to control my reactions.  But sometimes, times like yesterday, I lose control and let them have it.  I do this with Scott to, of course.   As a practice, I’ve been focusing more on what happens next.  I’m making the conscious decision to apologize quickly when I don’t treat them respectfully.  It’s certainly not easy and often, my heart isn’t ready.  But I know that loving relationships lead in the direction I want to go.  The decision to quickly acknowledge, take ownership and apologize for my outbursts, points me in that direction.

Which small decisions will you make today? 

I know it’s a holiday week.  I know you’re mostly looking forward to getting to relax, and most definitely, you should.  But while you do, pay attention to your decisions.  Each one is pointing you in a certain direction.  Each one is taking you somewhere.

Is it where you want to go?

It’s worth paying attention to.

to more love,


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