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While exploring an uninhabited stretch, just off the tip of an island in Mexico, I found this little spot.  It was a big, empty lot, covered with tropical greenery and this one, distinct path to the ocean.  Isn’t it stunning? I was instantly daydreaming of living there.

I was already building a thatched-roofed beach bungalow, in my mind. 

That’s right.  I didn’t go frolic in the crystal blue water, or lay on the white sand, to simple enjoy the view.  Nope.  I wanted to seize the opportunity.  I needed to plan, investigate and to figure out how to make an investment.  I had a vision of friends and family making memories right here on this land for years to come.

And by golly, I was going to find a way to make it happen.

I found an agent and drug Scott around, looking at old, abandoned beach houses and lots for almost four hours of our five-day vacation.  (And there was no free meal, show ticket or helicopter ride to be had at the end of it.)  To me, it was intriguing, like working a puzzle.  To Scott it was a distraction.  A painful sacrifice.

This image is a vivid reminder of my always-dreaming heart.  

There’s always something just a little bit better right around the bend.  There’s always an opportunity waiting if I just pay attention.  If only I’ll work hard enough, look far enough, I will find the golden egg.  I’ll find that peaceful place of rest and joy I’ve been dreaming of.

But there’s a catch.

If my heart is always dreaming of that place, “out there”, it’s always going to be, just around the bend.  What’s out there, in the realm of possibility is never going to be right here.  And that’s okay.  It’s good to dream and scheme and plan, but not at the expense of what’s right in front of you.

Because what’s right here is all you really have.  

So while it might seem fantastic to be exploring that beach front property right now, I invite you to look around.  Wherever you are right now, let your eyes just scan to the room or the landscape.  Take a deep breath.

While the breath is filling your lungs, find one thing to be grateful for.  

Sit with that gratitude in your mind.  Let one become two.  Sit there with your growing list for 30 seconds.

Be present where you are today.  

Yes, dream of a better tomorrow.  Don’t ever stop.

But don’t let those dreams rob you of the life you have today.

We need you content, here, today.

to more love,


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