When things get serious

As we’re ramping up all the preparations for the big birthday shindig this Thursday night, I’ve been scrolling through a few previous HeartStories GNO Birthday party pics and they’re making me laugh so hard.  Especially this one.  Karris, Jennifer, and Holly are some of my closest friends on this planet, so I snort-laughed when I looked at how serious our faces are with our crooked neon aviator game going strong. But most of all, I smiled because they were there.  They were there for me that night.

They’re always there. 

I recently wrote about the deeper experience for me the night of this 80’s style birthday party.  But seeing this image today reminded me of just how important the fun times are.  Fun times with friends are imperative in our adult lives because, on top of creating amazing memories, they release extra loads of the powerful “pleasure hormone” called oxytocin which makes us feel happy, from the inside out.  If that isn’t enough, strong friendships release enough natural pain-relieving endorphins that a research study from Oxford called the power of friendship “stronger than morphine”! They lay the solid foundation that makes it easy to know exactly where to go when things really get serious.

Why in the world are we not more intentional about spending time with our girlfriends?

I’ll tell you why!  It’s because in our fast-paced world of deadlines and to-do lists as long as Texas rattlesnakes, we’ve been socialized to feel selfish and frivolous when we prioritize time with our friends.  When everything else feels on-fire, female friendships get pushed down to the end of the list.  They often even fall right off the bottom of the list . . . and we hardly notice at all.

Until things get serious. 

It’s in the moments you find yourself REALLY needing a friend to talk with, a friend to be present with you when you realize it’s been too long since you checked in.  It feels like you just can’t jump right in with your hurt or our pain when you haven’t been present for your friends along the way.  You’ve been meaning to reach out, to schedule that coffee date, or just text to check in, but it just never happened.   And now in the middle of a struggle, when you need your friendships the most, you hesitate because you believe the lies that cloud your minds with judgment and thoughts of rejection.

At least I know I do. 

And that’s my “why” behind the HeartStories GNO.  I do this girls night out for women like me and women like you, who are rushing through life on autopilot, working your tail off to be the best mother, wife, friend, and contributor to this world you possibly can.  And sometimes you feel utterly discouraged when you simply can’t keep all those plates spinning as fast as you’d like.  Creating sacred space and time that reserved to fill your cup . . . and your literal body, with oxytocin and endorphins, creates exactly the healing balm you need for your daily life, but also as your safety net.  It’s your safe landing for the times when things get serious.

While of course, it’s about the good times we have when we’re together. 

It’s also creating a cushion for the times when life inevitably gets serious.

to more love,


p.s. It’s not too late to circle your friends, grab your tickets and join us for a ruckus night of laughter, food, drinks, true stories of inspiration, legendary bingo games with incredible prizes, shopping, raffles prizes, and BIRTHDAY bundt cakes! And it’s all done for you! All you have to do is sign up right here.  See you there.

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