When the fire fades

When the fire fades ~ Crystal Gornto | heartstories

We roasted s’mores this weekend with new friends in their fun backyard.   The boys, of course, had the best time ever, finding every imaginable type of brush to keep the fire alive.  They picked the best twigs and palms branches they could find.  Then they stoked and blew ferociously.  Not only did they keep it alive, they found ways to turn that ordinary fire pit into a giant bonfire.  So much so, that we ended up bailing buckets of water on the grass, all around the base to insure the fire stayed inside the pit.  They were a committed team and they did it together.

Between them, they were not going to let that fire die.  

It reminded me of a conversation I had this week, with a friend who feels like her passion has faded.  She’s worked her tail off to build a business that serves others in such a beautiful and needed way.   She shows up everyday and gives it all she has, but she thought it would look different by now.  She thought at this point in her life, she’d be doing more.  She thought there would be more “fruit” from all her labor.

She’s feeling confused about what to do next.  

She’s wondering if this is all there is.  She feels like her light is fading and it’s making her sad.  She wonders if she still has enough passion to do more.  And quite honestly, I get it.  I completely understand.

It’s easy to see the huge, bonfire-like successes of others.  

It’s easy to see all the people they help.  It’s easy to point out their giant, world-changing accomplishments and cower in the corner with our little fire pit.   When you start down the path of life, motherhood, career, entrepreneurship, or any new journey, the passion is high. The fire is big and bright.

But fire isn’t linear.  

A fire grows wildly and catches everything in its path.  Then it dies down and smolders for a while.  But it’s not dead and it’s heat still needed. Underneath, it’s still hot and ready to burn again.

Sometimes it just needs to be stoked.  

Sometimes you just need a friend to grab her stick and poke you.  😉 A friend can remind you of what lights you up.  A friend can help you remember why you started this journey in the first place.  She can help you remember what is still worth fighting for.  If you need your fire stoked today, reach out to a safe friend and tell her.

And do the same for someone else.  

If you see a friend’s fire fading into embers, don’t sit back and watch.  Get up and stoke it!  Remind her why we need her flame.  Blow some oxygen on her heart.  Give her a breath of fresh air with your words and your actions.

Between us, we won’t let a fire die.  

We’re sisters.  This is what we do.

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  1. Oh that story of the fire sure did make me smile!

    1. I bet it did!! 😉

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