When it rains

Soggy CarpetsHave you ever had one of those days?

It appeared to be somewhat typical starting out, but as it unfolded, it was like you were a magnet for chaos?

I had one of those yesterday… and it woke up with me again today.

I was excited to start the day by attending a Core24 program with my friend Ashley, to network and learn.  We expected traffic so we left at the crack of dawn, an hour before the meeting started.

It took 2 hours.

We talked about life and enjoyed each other’s company, making the best of sitting still on the tollway.  We finally made it and the program was wonderful. Then, when we walked outside to get in the car in our heels and dresses, rain was pouring down like a monsoon.

Ashley dropped me back at the office, AKA, my house.  I walked in to find my precious fur daughter had decided to drag the trash from the very-full kitchen trash can all over the house.  It smelled to high heavens and I ignored it.  I stayed focused and didn’t even pick it up.

I had exactly 3 hours before picking the boys up from school to get work done.

After we got home, we picked up the trash and I got out the vacuum.  As I entered the front office, the vacuum made a very strange noise. With my next step, my toes gooshed in water.

Wait, what?!?

The front office was covered in water.  The carpet soaked.

I will spare you the details, but let’s just say we got that swimming pool we’ve always wanted.  And guess what’s on the other side of the office wall. . . my closet.  Yep, remember that one?

Water.  Lots of water.  

It was a long, late night that turned into early morning in a hurry.

But, I’m committed to blogging 5 days a week (with lots of grace for the days I miss).  I was planning to write everything I just wrote.  To get it out of my head, take a dose of my own medicine and own my responsibility for my attitude today.

I sat down with my tea at 5:45 to write. . . HeartStories.com. . . An error connecting with the database…? Huh?

Error message









Yep, that’s right.  Server was down.

I tried to pull my best Mark Zuckerberg and figure it out.  To no avail.  I sounded the alarms to everyone I knew who could help, but no one was available.   Now I have 15 minutes before the boys wake up for breakfast.

Tired, burning eyes, foggy head, soggy carpet and I’m left to write.

To encourage, inspire and provoke.


All that stuff?  It’s going to take some time to fix.  A lot of time.  Time I don’t have.  Time I wasn’t planning to give away.   And, at the end of the day (or the beginning in this case), it’s still my choice.

I’m the only one who can decide.

I can choose to focus on the frustrations, the money, the time, OR I can focus even more on doing the work I’m called to do.  I can take note that I have less time than I planned and not waste a single second.

I find myself wanting to sulk, to go back to bed.

In the past, that’s exactly what I would have done, but now I won’t. Not anymore.  This work is too important to miss.

You are too important to miss.

I’m betting you’ve had a day or two like this recently.  Maybe it’s been more like a year or two.  Maybe you’re feeling like it won’t make any difference if you just go climb back in bed, if you miss the work you are meant to do today.  Who would notice anyway?

Someone would.  

Every time you make a choice to engage with the world, you change someone’s life.

You’re here, reading this note and I would have missed this chance to meet up with you.   To let you know you’re not alone.  That every single one of us has those kind of days, or weeks, or years.

Even if you are the only one who reads this today, it is worth it.  It’s worth it if you get up and take another step.  If you do more good.  If you engage with someone else and show them love.

So what do you say?

Let’s live life from our hearts today. 

We can help each other.

Burning eyes, foggy heads, soggy carpets and all.

To more love.


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