What’s giving got to do with it?

What's giving got to do with it? HeartStories

Spending time with my family this week is helping to prepare my heart for the day of gratitude.  The tradition of celebrating holidays with family and friends from far and wide has much more meaning to me now than ever before.

It means more because now I can see that having company means giving.  

It means giving of the space in your home, yes, but it also means giving your time, sharing your resources and serving.  It’s adding another’s needs and desires to the mix, for a temporary period.  It’s putting aside things you’d normally be busy doing to care for and spend time with people you love.

The giving prepares our hearts for the thanks.  

This week, as you go about decorating, making beds, providing taxi services, preparing meals, washing dishes, setting tables, and serving, let it fill your heart with gratitude.  Let the giving remind you of all you have to be thankful for.   As you serve others, let it highlight the unique gifts each person brings to your life.

It’s in the giving, we look away from our own desires long enough to see all we have to be thankful for.  

May you experience happiness.  May you bring light to someone else’s life.  May you abide in joy.  And may you allow yourself to feel gratitude, and to multiply that feeling by sharing it with those around you. ~ Seth Godin, The Thanksgiving Reader

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