What would YOU do with $100,000?

Vote HeartStories Mission Main Street Grant

If I wrote you a check for $100,000 today, (ha, ha, play along) what would you do with it?

Would you invest it?  Use it to pay off a nagging debt?  Pay for a kid to go to college? Go back to school yourself?  Give it to an organization that’s improving the world?  Use it to start a business that’s always been a dream in your heart?

Last week, I got a chance to dream about what I’d do if HeartStories received $100,000 when we applied for a grant through Chase bank’s Mission Main Street grant program.

You know what’s cool?

We’d use that money to further our mission of supporting you in living your HeartStories.

We’d create even more love in the world.

We have a LOT of really exciting dreams for the future and this grant would accelerate them considerably.

One of our biggest dreams right now is connecting you in meaningful ways with female social entrepreneurs.   We want their hearts, vision, and ambition rub off on you.  We want you to see and hear what it’s like to give it all to live your HeartStories.

A big part of that dream is creating a network of support for these incredible women.  This includes things like facilitating a virtual forum for them to connect to one another, hosting local meet ups, offering a network of like-minded service providers, creating private job boards that connect these purpose powered women with women just like you, who are looking for more meaning in your work, and one of my personal favorites. . . hosting these amazing women as keynote speakers and facilitators of live events to personally share their stories with you.

(There might even be a socially responsible fashion show brewing in there somewhere!)

We also want to improve our app to make it even easier for you to have real connection with your closest core friends.

We have too many exciting things on the future agenda to lay them all out, but the point is today, we could use your help to make them happen.

If you have 10 seconds to spare right now, and you should since I intentionally made this my shortest post ever so you’d have extra time, (Like  how I did that?) please click this link and vote for us.    We need a minimum of 250 votes to qualify to apply, but we’d really love to show them that women everywhere want HeartStories to create even more love in the world.  So help us knock their socks off.

Would you?

Mission Main Street Grants

You can easily share this post via the buttons below.  It would mean the world to me if you did.

Thank you for all your support over the last two and a half years.

Here’s to creating more love in the years yet to come!




  1. Thanks Crystal! I’ve actually got two projects pending as we speak – waiting on the homeowners to give me the green light to get started. I can’t wait! 🙂

    1. Love it!

  2. I would start a design business! Every time I watch Fixer Upper on HGTV I’m so encouraged…they’re living my dream! But in my case, I’d leave the construction aspect to my Dad since he’s a custom home builder. I’ve got the dream team assembled…I just need the capital!

    1. Love it Leigh! You could totally get started, doing design for friends and family. (No capital needed)

      1. Thanks Crystal! I’ve actually got a couple projects pending as we speak – just waiting on the green light from the homeowners. 🙂

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