What to do when we don’t agree

What to do when we don't agree.  HeartStoriesThe news of this weekend brought joy for some of us and disappointment for others. 

In the midst of my own feelings about the news, I heard a story that took my breath away.  It’s a story about a father and his daughter.

It’s a story about loving anyway.

This father has devoted his live to ministry in a church, a church that believes the homosexual lifestyle doesn’t align with the bible.   His beloved, oldest daughter is in seminary to be a pastor herself.   She is also gay and in a committed relationship.  As you can imagine, this creates an interesting predicament for them, especially in light of the recent uproar of the nation.

What took my breath away was the position of humility between them.  

It was the decision to realize their enormous differences of belief, and love anyway.  They’re making the deliberate decision to divert from the “path of power” in favor of the “way of love”.  They are open, humble and interested in learning more about one another’s stories.   They’re staying connected, while the world around them is dividing.

What if we all took that path?

Even while we stay clear on our beliefs, what if  chose not to lose sight of people, living, breathing human beings on either side of our convictions?

What if we decided to humbly love people more than our battle lines?

It would change the tone of our conversations.  We might even hear each other’s stories and learn about something we never understood before.

Sure, it will be messy and uncomfortable and hard.

Love often is.

But it’s the only way.  

To more love,



  1. Love this!!! This is what love does!!!

    1. Sp glad Toni. Love does. 😉

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