What the dream is all about

When we moved to Frisco in 2004, we thought this house would be a short term place.  We’d stay for a few years, maybe 10, and move on to the home our children would one day grow up in.   We’re now approaching 14 years, and we’re still here.  Our current house is the only place our boys have called home.  But they’ve grown up on a sort of “tour of homes” because we’ve been looking at houses, planning to move, since 2010.

It’s become almost comical. 

Our friends smile slyly when we announce we “might” have found a lot.  I think their eyes glaze over a little bit while they listen to our plans.  But that hasn’t stopped us from dreaming.  Last weekend, we drove out to a neighborhood with homes under construction and encountered this gargantua being built on a creek lot.  No one wanted to go in, except me, but I can be convincing!

In we went.  

I was busy checking out the kitchen, when I looked up and saw this view.  It stopped me in my tracks.  It reminded me that life is so much more than houses.  While we’re working to teach the boys the value of contentment, we’re also dreaming about what’s next.  It’s an interesting dance, for sure.

A dance of letting go and holding on.  

Letting go of every little thing we’ve seen along the way that would be uh-mazing to have in a house.  Holding on to our value of spending time together.  Letting go of my dream to have ‘land’.  Holding on to the extra moments a neighborhood nearby would provide.  Thinking less about the quality of the tile and more about the quality of our life.

I’m learning to let go of the fairy tale and hold on to moments with my people.

Moments like these, when life sneaks up on me.  When I look up and see the shadow of a grown man staring into the forest. The rare moments when he turns around, catches me taking his photo, and smiles.

I’m holding on to that.  

What are you holding on to today?

Dreams, passions and pursuits are all good.  They feed your soul.  They keep you alive.

Don’t let go of  your dreams.

But be willing to adjust your sails.  Be open to the winding path, that doesn’t look like you thought it would.  Be committed to doing it the hard way, the long way, to stay the course.

Let nothing get in the way of staying connected to your people.

In the middle of your crazy busy summer, hold on to the moments. 

They’re what the dream is all about.

to more love,



  1. So true Liz! Sometimes we need a reminder. 😉

  2. Great thoughts on contentment! Life in the affluent suburbs can mess with it. Thank you!–Liz

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