We need your wabi-sabi

I love the way life often gives you exactly what you need for the moment, in the most unexpected ways. . . if only you’re paying attention.

As we’re working on decorating our home, I’ve been reading articles about design lately, more than ever in my life.  While I was recently reading an article about trends for 2019, (which in truth, is so opposite of my nature – reference yesterday’s post) I noticed a term I hadn’t heard before.  At least I hadn’t noticed it before.  The writer was referring to a design style called “wabi-sabi”, which is apparently “on trend” for 2019.  The reference photo didn’t seem to have a particular style I could name.  In my lack of understanding, I just kept reading, without much more thought.  Until, the very next day, this quote image came blaring across my screen.

“wabi-sabi”  (Japanese)

(n.) a concept, an aesthetic, and a worldview that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfection of life and accepting peacefully the cycle of growth and decay.

It’s about the beauty of embracing the freedom in the unexpected, and the imperfect. 

All too often my imperfection scares me away from making daring and life-giving choices, including writing about certain things on this blog and sharing certain photos and stories about my life.  Because the world is hot right now (ha! no pun intended).  Some people are stressed and on edge, and they’re looking for solace anywhere they can find it.  And out of self-protection, they will throw flaming arrows at anyone who comes out from behind the bunker with something to say, even if they’re only trying to help.  There’s no way to avoid it and it often comes from the most surprising places, which makes it sting that much more.

But every single time I find courage, it’s in imperfection. 

I know that what I write, what I say, what I believe. . . it’s all imperfect.  I’m daily on the the journey of learning to peacefully accept growth, and decay.  As Brené Brown has taught me so well, I’m not going to let my imperfection move me away from doing the work I’m called to do, saying things I believe will encourage others on their journey, and standing up for things that matter, because it’s too important.  I won’t stop blogging because people judge me, even though it’s sometimes tempting.  I won’t stop serving up a night out for busy women, because it’s not cheap enough, or easy enough, for everyone.

I care too much. 

So instead, I work hard to take the pain of being judged in my imperfection and turn it into fuel to keep going.  To keep showing up and serving.  To keep focusing on finding beauty in the imperfect parts of life and leading others to do the same.  I’m imperfect at that too.  It sometimes takes a long while for me to come back out from hiding in my bunker.

What’s an area of your life where the fear of imperfection threatens to hold you back and keep you safe behind your bunker?  

Today, I hope you too, will find courage and freedom in the concept of wabi-sabi, in accepting your imperfections

We need your heart, your voice, your hands.  

We need your wabi-sabi.

to more love,


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