We need your fire

This is my spunky-fun, crazy-smart, friend Brooklyn Calloway, the founder of Brookielynn’s Bungalow, is her home for all things DIY and crafty, where she says it’s ok that she’s usually covered in paint and glitter.  We met through Wendi McGowan Ellis, at her now infamous AC3 gathering.  Of course, I knew of her previously through her steadfast involvement in all things Frisco.  But I hadn’t met her face-to-face until that first night at AC3.   We made an instant connection across the room in a conversation about groups of women and the “rules” around “who’s in and who’s out”.

Clearly deciding together that nobody has time for that nonsense in this life.  

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her better over the last year and I’ll tell you what, she’s a get it done girl.  She’s full of energy like the Energizer bunny and she loves every second of it.  In fact, while we were on the phone the other day, she realized her husband Matt had borrowed her car, not realizing she needed to leave to meet a client at the Bungalow.  Without a single skip in her tone or her breathe, she said, “Oh well, I guess I’ll walk.” and then she just kept talking.  I said, “Wait just a second, how far do you have to walk?  It’s about to rain!” She assured me it was only 7 blocks or so and she only had a couple of bags to carry.  I chuckled while I made a mental note of her care-free, can-do attitude.

I guess we talked the whole way.

We ended our call with Brooklyn switching us over to FaceTime while she was walking across the porch of The Bungalow to show me a few of the things we’ll be using for our True Colors Birthday Bingo Bash (2 weeks from tonight!).   I can’t wait for you to meet her because she’s just the perfect person to lead us in Bingo games to celebrate our 3rd GNO Birthday! She has more ideas than anyone I’ve ever met and she lives each day as a brand new adventure.  She’s a mom to three kiddos whose journey of motherhood began earlier, and a little rockier, than she intended.  But she decided to turn her unexpected challenges into the spark for her life’s greatest adventure.

She’s got a fire that can’t be put out!

That passion pours over into everyone she touches with her workshops, classes, and art at The Bungalow and it all started with an event in her life that could have paralyzed her.  She could have chosen to believe she wasn’t good enough.  She could have chosen to believe she didn’t have what it would take to make a difference.  But instead, she chose to make that painful experience the catalyst for setting the world on fire with her creativity.  I can’t wait to hear her story and participate in one of her legendary bingo nights with you.

Even if you can’t make it, I hope her story inspires you to keep going. 

I hope it challenges you to embrace the unexpected “adventures” in your life with curiosity about what’s possible. I know that for many reasons we don’t all feel the same fire that Brooklyn has.  We don’t all wake up with her spunk and energy every day.  But here’s what I know for sure you do have:

You have obstacles that seem overwhelming.

You also have the power to turn them into a spark that can become the flame of your life’s gift to others.

Resist the stories of guilt, shame, and “not good enough” that constantly threaten to extinguish your flame. 

Those stories are all a lie.

We need your fire. 

to more love,


p.s. It’s not too late to join us for a night of rumpus laughter, bingo-winning fun, and the kind of joy that comes from honest relationships with other women.  Get your ticket to True Colors Birthday Bingo Bash GNO today.


  1. This has just totally made my day. Thank you, Crystal. I’m so happy to be apart of GNO in June and to be your friend. Happy birthday to heartstories!

    1. Yay!! I’m so glad Brooklyn! You make so many days with your bright light girl! SO grateful you’re part of our birthday celebration!!

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