Value that can’t be measured

Mimi Gilliland, Value that can't be measured~ Crystal Gornto, HeartStories

I want you to meet my friend Mimi.  We met because she was bold enough to reach out to me online and ask to meet.  She lives in Dallas and at the time had recently started a blog called Big Hearted.  There couldn’t be a better name for this one.  (She didn’t name it after herself, though.  She started it to tell the stories of companies with give-back, social missions.)  

We met for coffee and we became fast friends.

That was over a year ago and we’ve done a lot of fun (& hard) things together since then.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I really got to hear her “heartstory” from the beginning.   And it’s such a beautiful one.

She’s going to share it with us live at the HeartStories Girl’s Night Out on June 9th, but I wanted to share one little excerpt from with you.  

Mimi grew up in a very small town outside of Lubbock, on a farm.   Growing up, she put a lot of pressure on herself to be perfect, or at least to try to do everything perfectly.  And it wasn’t easy because the story behind closed doors looked very different.

Until she met a very special friend named Pebbles. 

This friend ultimately helped change the course of her life.  By showing up consistently and being invested in her life, Pebbles helped guide Mimi’s path from what could have been a very difficult path to the beautiful life and legacy she is now creating.

Today, Mimi volunteers as a mentor for women at Thrive Women’s Clinic to support women as they are navigating the path of an unexpected pregnancy.  

She pours her time, wisdom and love into young women who are feeling alone and scared.  No matter where their path leads, she becomes the friend, like Pebbles, she shows up consistently and walks beside them.  She’s changing the course of their lives, one at a time.

But wait, there’s more! 😉

Just this year, Mimi launched a new product to sell through her blog to help support these women in such a beautiful way.   Because keeping scripture in her heart and mind has played such a big role in her own story,  she had the idea to create little business card size clings to keep encouraging words and scripture top of mind.  These Scripture Clings can easily cling on your mirror, in your car, on your coffee cup, or anywhere you’ll be spending a lot of time.

The best part?

She’s using the proceeds to buy cribs for young women who are working hard to be great mothers, even though it wasn’t part of their plan.  It’s a beautiful reminder, each time they put those precious babies to sleep, that they are not alone.

Mimi is reminding them, every day that they are loved and supported on their journey.

And she’s sure it all started because one friend took the time to invest in her.  

“I’m a big advocate of putting yourself out there and helping people.  You never know how you’re going to influence someone’s life.  Remember, what you’re doing has eternal value that cannot be measured.”  ~ Mimi Gilliland

Who will you influence today?  

to more love,


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