Twins and priorities

Twins and Priorities, Crystal Gornto with Jennifer Knott, HeartStoriesIn the middle of the downpour yesterday, I texted my friend Jennifer to let her know that I would be pulling my usual  “hat head”  for our little meet up.  She replied with, “Agreed. So glad you texted! I’m thinking rain boots and a little dress. You should wear rain boots too!”   When she showed up to pick me up, I ran down to her car, opened the door, and she was already roaring with laughter.

We were twins.

Like, almost exactly the same outfit.  I offered to run back in and change, but we decided it would be much more fun to show up dressed identically.  So off we went.

We were meeting to dig into Jennifer’s story a bit more in order to weave it together with the others for the panel interview for the Girl’s Night Out next Thursday and it did turn out to be more fun, being dressed the same.  The best part though, was way deeper than that.

The best part was soaking up the wisdom that flows from this woman.

Jennifer jokes (kind of) that she is going through an identity crisis.  For her, it’s been hard in this season, to find peace about where to focus her time and energy.  “I struggle with how to honor myself, my marriage, my children and all these things I feel called to do for others ,at the same time.  But I know this:  There is wisdom in embracing the season that you’re in, being content with where you are and what you have.  You have to make a life where you are, in this present moment.” 

Jennifer’s journey has been such a unique and beautiful one.

Out of college, she went to law school and became a trial attorney.  She married a pastor and had three wonderful kiddos.  She started a blog to share the journey of a pastor’s family for the world to see and then her heart became broken for oppressed and marginalized people around the world.  Her broken heart led her to become a Noonday Ambassador and has expanded the horizons of her dreams even further.

This sister is ready to get real with you.

With a genuine and humble heart, Jennifer shared how going to therapy on her own has helped her tremendously to purge unhealthy thoughts and attitudes in a healthy way.   It’s also helped keep her focused on the system of priorities, she’s put in place for her life, that keep her headed in the direction of her dreams for her life and her family.

“When I’m funneling everything through my priorities, I am most at peace.”

That is true for her and it’s true for the rest of us too.

Balance is a bit of a myth.

Purposeful, meaningful, connected life, happens by constantly re-evaluating and living within a system of priorities.

Jennifer works hard to prioritize her faith, her marriage, her family and then her service to the world.  And it’s a daily, sometimes hourly struggle.  You know when she struggles the least?  When she’s staying connected to the people who support those priorities.

What are your priorities?  What helps you to keep them in line?

We can do this, together.

to more love,



  1. Crystal: What a joy it was to share some of my story with you last night! You create such a safe place, and in our short time together as friends, you’ve helped me see things in myself I don’t see on my own. Thank you for that. I am truly humbled to share this special space with you this morning and honored to be part of the panel for your first official GNO. Your kind word here are precious to me! Love you girl!

    1. That goes both ways sister! You’ve been such a gift in my life- many ways you’ll never even know. Love you too!

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