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Kim Welch ~ Grace Inspired Beauty Aesthetic Nurse | HeartStories

This is my beautiful sister Kim.  She’s been my best friend, companion and caretaker since the day I was born.  Literally.  Our stories are weaved together, in and out of years, life stages, relationships, wacky clothing styles and crazy hair-dos.  Her story hasn’t always been an easy one and certainly hasn’t always felt beautiful.

But if you ask her, the overwhelming theme of her life is grace. 

She’s the second of four girls, and she figured out early on that she was different from the rest of us.   Not only did she look different, with her striking black hair and big brown eyes, she liked different things (like reading & studying!).  She had a more reflective personality.  She noticed things that the rest of us didn’t.  She felt things more deeply.  She’s always wanted to help other people.

As Glennon would say, she’s a Canary.  

Kim knew early on that she wanted to be a nurse and she pursued that dream with all her heart.  When we were roommates in college, she was in the dorm intensely studying for her nursing exams, into the wee hours of the morning, while I was piling 21 people in our jeep, criss-cross-applesauce, to go to the school hockey game at Wake Forest (2.5 hours away).  And the nights she wasn’t studying, she was at the hospital bathing, feeding and caring for people she didn’t even know.  (and removing moldy sandwiches from places you never dreamed you’d find them!)

Her deep sense of compassion and love for others has taken her places that haven’t always been easy.  

But traveling the road through those difficult places has given her a lifetime of wisdom and empathy that can be found no other way.  You won’t find a friend who will listen to you, care for you, and guide you better than my sister Kim.  She sees beauty were others miss it.  She sees past what is, to what is possible.

Because she knows the power of grace.

That’s why, when she opened the doors of her own aesthetic beauty practice this year, she knew the name had to include Grace.  Because that’s her story.  She knows from her own journey that true beauty doesn’t start with what other people can see.  It starts on the inside, with what only you know.

True beauty starts with finding grace for yourself and offering that same grace to others.

True beauty is Grace Inspired Beauty.   That’s what makes Kim’s heartstory so special.  She practices in a field that can easily be focused only on outward beauty.

But to her, it’s so much deeper.  

Kim’s heart is to serve women, who are working hard to be beautiful on the inside, by enhancing the outside to reflect that same journey.  Her heart, combined with her hard-earned skill, and her compassionate eye for beauty have earned her a reputation as one of the very best in a business where she stands out, just like a beautiful yellow Canary.

What has always made her different, has made her so special and so needed.  

What makes you different?  What have you learned from the difficult parts of your journey that you could have learned no other way?  Where do you feel compelled to serve?

Those are the things that make you special and so needed.  

Please pay attention and lean into courage.  We need you.  We need your story.

There’s no one else like you.

to more love,


P.S.  I’m over-the-moon excited to announce that Kim will be sharing her behind-the-scenes story with us (in TWO weeks) at the next Girl’s Night Out – “Beauty Night”!  She’s going to share her own journey, lead us in some fun beauty based activities as well as share beauty tips and even do a live treatment on a volunteer model! Her hope is to inspire you, to lean into grace and let your true beauty shine!

I hope you’ll join us.  This is a night you don’t want to miss.

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