Time to try something new!

When you visit the same vacation spot every year, one of the very best perks is the friends you make over time.  This is Vincent, who has become a dear friend of our family, especially the boys.  They talk about him all year and look forward to seeing him during our summer visits.  Vincent lives in Hungary and the boys LOVE asking him questions about his life there.  A hilarious tradition they have is asking him questions about food.  They try food from Hungary that they’ve never tried before and he tries American foods he’s never tried before.

This trip was no exception. 

There were many laughs at ridiculous questions.  Thankfully Vincent doesn’t get insulted when they ask if he’s ever had an apple or milk, or some other basic food type.  But one thing we discovered he’d never tried is a root beer float!  It’s a family favorite around our house and Vincent had never even heard of that combo.  So of course, we served him one right up!  While he’s smiling in this picture, I wish I could show you the video of the journey from the first sip to this moment. It’s the reason the boys are laughing hysterically.  We honestly couldn’t tell if he was going to laugh or cry.  It was like he took a little trip around the world sitting there at the counter.

I think he experienced several emotions all at once!  

What I love most about this particular story is that meanwhile, back at home, our HeartStories team was planning our “Vines Around the World GNO” which is all about tasting different wines from various regions around the world at Knotting Hill Place, a brand new breathtaking estate we’ve never visited before together!  The focus is less on simply enjoying wine, and more on learning to appreciate the process of winemaking and all the different variables that create the distinct flavors of the wines.  It’s not about loving everything you taste.  It’s about learning to have an understand and appreciation for things that are different than what you’re used to.  It’s about trying something new, with friends you trust to guide you.  Just as this image reflects, those types of experiences can create joy, laughter, and fantastic memories.

They most certainly create a deeper connection with the people you share the experience with.  

That’s a huge part of why I do what I do.  HeartStories entire mission is about connecting women in deeper relationships with one another to inspire the joy and courage it takes to pursue your purpose.  Setting the table for women to try new things together, ranks at the top of the list of ways we do that.  So this little experiment with Vincent especially emblazoned my excitement for next week’s GNO. It’s easy to sit back in your comfort zone and never do things that feel awkward or uncomfortable.

But you were made for more. 

Trying new things is the birthplace of growth.  Doing it while creating memories with your girlfriends is the fertile soil of lasting friendships.  Whether or not you drink wine is obviously not important.  But stretching beyond your comfort zone most certainly is.  Ask your neighbors of another culture to dinner at your house.  Talk about different foods, spices, and traditions.  Try your hand at painting, knitting, hand lettering, or bingo!

Do something you’ve never done.

Do it with someone you want to share life with.

It’s a fantastic recipe for creating memories that will last. 

It’s time to try something new!

to more love,


p.s.  Shockingly, we still have space at next week’s GNO.  We are saving you a seat! Even if you’re not a wine drinker, gather your girlfriends quick, make plans to pick them up and grab your tickets today to “Vines Around the World GNO” for a night you won’t forget at Knotting Hill Place.

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