Time to raid a sister cabin

Let's Raid our Sister's Cabin ~ Crystal Gornto, HeartStories

It’s been a long, emotional week for this mama without my babies.   That hole in my heart I wrote about on Monday hasn’t gone away.  It’s just become a lingering ache and the constant rain this week has not helped.  But yesterday!  Yesterday, with my rain boots and umbrella, I went out to check the mail.

My heart raced when I laid my eyes on a little brown envelope I’d pre-addressed before camp.

I tore it open and found this precious note.  I kid you not, I was so overwhelmed with emotion, I sunk to my knees right there in the entryway and sobbed.  The ugly cry.  For such a simple note, it was such a huge response!  Believe me.  I know.

Even my dogs were circling me, licking me, wondering what in the world just happened.  

It was so completely unexpected that I just let it out.  I sat there thanking God, so grateful to know that at least one of my babies is having a great time and thinks it’s amazing there!  And as silly as it sounds, I was thrilled to hear that he had plans to raid his sister cabin on Wednesday!  He is really having fun.  #campFTW

Then I just sat there thinking.

When was the last time I raided my sister cabin?  When was the last time I just showed up and said, “Like it or not, I’m coming in.”   (through your audible gasp) I realize that, while it may be expected and socially acceptable at camp, it’s not the norm in real life.  We want our homes to be our escape, our safe place.

But what if they’re not?

What if we’re isolating ourselves at home?  What if behind the walls of our “cabins” we’re really a little sad and lonely?  What if we’re holding a lot in, in an effort to hold it all together?  What if we don’t have any idea how much we need our cabin to be raided by our sisters?

If it’s been a long, rainy week and your heart is feeling tired, it’s time to raid a sister cabin.  

I mean it.

If you can’t physically do it right now, please call her.  Text if you must… but try to make it a voice text (I know, it will get deleted 6 times before you send…. but it will be worth it) 

Because here’s what I’m banking on.

In the hustle and bustle of this crazy life, you’re not the only one feeling lonely.  This may be the very day she needs you to bust through the door unexpectedly.

We’re all fighting battles most people know nothing about.

Let’s not do it alone.  

to more love,


P.S.  This is the very reason I’m hosting the HeartStories GNO, the Girl’s Night Out You Won’t regret the next day.  Only 6 days left to grab your ticket and join us for a joint sister cabin raid.  Hope to see you there, sister.

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