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The gift of curiosity ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

Before our night dive last night, we took the whole family to a local tiki beach type restaurant at the reef called Macabuca.   My hope was that the boys would actually eat a good dinner and then enjoy looking around while we did our pre-dive brief and be able to watch us descend and watch our flashlights disappear into the black water.  Sometimes things don’t go the way we hope.

Sometimes, they go better.  

As soon as we arrived at the reef point restaurant, those boys were begging to go explore the “rocks”.  They were filled with curiosity and non-stop questions. . . Mom, what’s this?  Is it alive?  How did it get here?  Do you think there’s anything in it?  Why does it have quills?  Will they hurt?  And on and on…

They were filled with curiosity.

They love to explore and discover.  They love to create and build.  Their little minds are constantly reeling with new ideas and new schemes.  I keep wondering when that will stop, that childlike curiosity.

I wish it never would.

But when I look around, it’s easy to see that we grown-ups just don’t act like that.   We are so civilized sitting in our chairs, with our napkins in our laps, enjoying grown-up conversation.  It would be so odd if we all ran over to the rocks to explore.

I wonder what would happen if we did.

What if we saw all the beauty and treasure in the world, each time, as if it was the first?  What if we dropped the grown up act and learned how to play and laugh like kids again?  (I’ve heard there’s such a thing as a grown up playground and I think it’s a pretty great idea!)  

I know I could use a break from feeling like I have to be right all the time.  

I’d love a break from the pressure, I put on myself, to know all the answers already.  It’d be great to let myself explore without the expectation of turning up a sunken treasure.  I’d love to create without the intention of doing it perfectly the first time. . . or any time for that matter.

I bet that would be a welcome change for you too.

Try it today.

In one situation, let go of the pressure, expectation, intentions and hopes for perfection.  Maybe scribble a smiley face on your invoice or a flower on your agenda.  Draw a sunshine in the dirt with your stiletto or your straw from McDonald’s.  Take a different road home from work… just for kicks.  Ask a your family about the dreams they’ve had this week.

Let’s get curious today.

Dream, imagine, explore.  

There’s an unopened gift for you today, if you’ll only get curious enough to open it.

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