The unfamiliar place you fear to go

After dinner one night in New York, we decided to try to find the best Bananas Foster in the city.  It turns out, the best-rated place is this little hole-in-the-wall bar, called Freemans.  It’s tucked back at the end of a dimly lit, graffiti lined alley between Bowery and Chrystie.

You have to look for it, or you could easily miss it.

We stepped inside and the place was packed.  It was like an old musty English pub, mostly dark, with candles flickering in all the corners.  We found a tiny bar table for two in the far corner and settled in.  We ordered our Bananas Foster, with two scoops, and sat back to take in the scene.  The whole place was alive with energy.  Young local hipsters and older tourists alike were all engaged in vibrant conversation.  It was a fascinating end to a wonderful day.

We expected to find a sleepy little gastropub instead, we found a well of unexpected vitality.  

I wonder how many times in life we pass by the dark alley, thinking we’re looking for something else.  I wonder how many times we end up missing the opportunity we’re so desperately seeking, because it doesn’t look the way we expect it to.

Probably more often than we realize.

It’s worth considering, that the dimly lit, unfamiliar place you fear to go, might just hold the answer you seek.

Take the chance, to find out.  

to more love,


P.S. The Bananas Foster was excellent!

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