The sound of opportunity knocking

Snow skiing is one of my all-time favorite hobbies.  When I was a kid growing up in Oklahoma, once a season, my parents would pack all of our stuff in our van to drive my three sisters and me to go snow skiing in Colorado.  Those are some of my favorite childhood memories.  Of course, living in Texas, we don’t get to do it much, but we try to get to the mountains at least once a season as well.  As a result, my kids are making memories and have “favorite runs”, which brings me so much joy.

It’s why this is an image I’ll treasure for years to come.

One day, Oaks and I decided to separate from the group and head over to another side of the mountain.  We wanted to go to a side that was one of our favorites last time, but we hadn’t skied yet this trip.  It’s made up of long, winding runs along the very edge of the mountain, overlooking The Great Salt Lake.  While the views are absolutely breathtaking, it’s made up of relatively easy, relaxing runs that lead to a heated gondola at the base, waiting to return you to the top.  Because it hadn’t stopped snowing since we arrived, we knew it would be covered fresh white powder to make it even more amazing.

As with most runs, there are choices all along the way. 

There are turn offs, and cut throughs.  Some are created by other skiers daring to chart a new course, and others intentionally groomed by the resort.  On this particular run in this picture, there’s a very short black diamond run connecting two trails.  That day, as we approached the turnoff,  we stopped to look over, and it was a soft white blanket of powder.  The moguls looked like little snow covered hills, without a single ski track marring their beauty.  It didn’t take us five seconds to look at each other with that knowing eye and head nod saying, “Let’s do it!”

And we did.

We knew we might get stuck and we decided to take the adventure anyway.  We laughed and laughed the entire way down, as we first watched our skis sink in the snow, then our shins.  I couldn’t believe we were actually making progress instead of just being buried alive.  (After all I thought, surely if it was a good run, someone would have taken it already!) It was like an unexpected wild joy ride making our way through all that soft snow.  There were small moments of terror, when I’d look at the pitch of the incline and see my boy halfway down.  But in a moment that seemed to defy the laws of nature, we somehow both emerged victorious at the bottom.  With fist bumps, hoots and hollers, we celebrated our achievement!  Shortly afterward, I snapped this picture from behind Oaks, waving his arms up and down, as he sailed like a free bird around the edge of the mountain.

He was loving life in that moment.

He was feeling the rush of achievement, the gratification that comes when you push yourself beyond your comfort zone.  It’s certainly not guaranteed to be easy or pain free. But when you venture into the unknown, it can awaken your soul.  It can fill your sails, and your heart with hope.

There’s an adventure waiting just beyond the edge of what you know.

It’s beckoning you to let go of the comfort of staying “safe” with what you know.

Listen to that.  

It’s the sound of opportunity knocking.

to more love,


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