The road to friendship

Yesterday, I shared a bit about the #goodtimes we had at the lake over the weekend.  Today, I want to add a little more context and a fun surprise.

On the drive out to the lake I was tired.

I had to two last minute vendor cancellations for The Girls Night Out, that had to be replaced before Monday.  I had a huge school project to finish with one son.  I needed to pack myself to go on this field trip on Monday with another son, who also still needed to pack. (not only our clothing, but our pranks!)  I couldn’t afford to be exhuasted on Sunday.  It was storming.  The sky was black.  Tornado warnings were going off on my phone.  I got out the door a lot later than I hoped to. . .

But I knew I wanted to be there.

The drive out there felt longer than usual.  I was second guessing myself, even though I knew it’s where I wanted to be. But as I shared yesterday, we had a wonderful time.  The rocking chairs on the porch rocked my worries away.  The contagious laughter was healing to my weary soul.

All the memories were an added layer to the bedrock of lifelong friendships.  

Instead of waking up exhausted, heading back home to begin my enormous day, I woke up feeling happy and refreshed. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day.  Before I left, we shared even more laughter with coffee mugs, around the breakfast table.

I was the first one to hit the road home.

On the drive, I couldn’t help but take in the beautiful blue sky.  The tall green grass waving in the wind was a peaceful reminder of spring.  The winding road was taking me home with a smile on my face.  Then, I kid you not, I passed this sign.  (Of course, I turned around to get a picture!)

It’s the road to friendship.

Sometimes when you’re on the way to showing up for your life and your friends, the road is long and tiresome.  Sometimes you’re not even sure you have what it takes to make it.  Maybe you’re tempted to turn back.

But don’t.

Let me just tell you something.  On the way home, you’ll see the signs of friendship.  You’ll see the sun shining and the grass blowing in the wind.  The road will wind and bend.  On the way home things seem so much brighter.  So much more at peace.  You’re weary soul will be refreshed.

The road to friendship is worth the drive.  

to more love,


P.S. There are just a few more tickets to the Girls Night Out, grab a friend and show up.  It will be worth it!

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