The river of your life

The river of your lifeMy family went white water rafting this week.  It was exhilarating in every way.  The crests of the white rapids over the rocks thrust the raft down at every turn, splashing us with walls of ice-cold water.  With every dip and turn over the rapids I could feel my adrenaline rise, as my body responded to the fear of that raft tipping over.

Then, almost instantly, the water would become completely calm and still while we drifted in awe of the cliffs, mountains, valleys and blue sky surrounding us.

It was an experience so full of energy and beauty, I wanted to take it all in.  I tried to capture all the images in my mind.  I tried to take in the smell, the laughter, the fear, the feeling of the cold water on my skin, the roar of the water in my ears and the calm sense of drifting through natural creation.

I couldn’t get enough.  

Yesterday we hiked up beside a beautiful waterfall and played in the river rushing over the rocks below.  Again, I was in awe of the breathtaking beauty and magnificent power of the flowing water.   It’s incredible how something so strong can bring so much peace.

Waterfall on the river of your life | HeartStories

I noticed people standing on the bridge, looking up at the falls, in wonder.  Others were laying on the rocks below, resting in the cadent sound of the water rushing by.   Others were taking advantage of the cold water on their hot skin.    Everyone was energized by the water.  Drawn to the water.

The River of your life | HeartStoriesNo one was afraid.

Throughout all of human history, rivers have provided safety, guidance, means of travel, food and water.  They are essential to our physical survival.   Rivers provide beautiful imagery of a strong, healthy, and generous life.

Brooks, creeks and streams naturally flow together to form rivers.  

That’s exactly what a beautiful life requires.  No one becomes a river alone.  We must constantly pour into each other, providing the strength, power and support needed to sustain the sometimes difficult journey we are one.

Rivers flow down from hills and mountains.  

The path of the river is narrow and steep.  It’s marked by valleys and abrupt zig-zag changes of direction.  It’s not easy.  It requires the pull of gravity to create the rapid flow of the water that has the strength to cut through rocks, carving out a natural and beautiful path.

Your path might feel narrow and steep.   Maybe you’re experiencing valleys and abrupt changes of direction.   I know it’s really hard.  The weight of your circumstances might feel like it’s pulling you down at times.   You might be feeling weak and tired.

Please hear this.

If you choose, in this moment, to be open to letting trusted friends pour into your life and keep going, it will make you strong.  What feels like crashing against the rocks today, is carving the beautiful river of tomorrow.

The pain of carving out a new path for yourself, will provide safety, guidance and sustenance for you, and the world around you.

Your life is a beautiful river.  

We need you to let it flow.

To more love,


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