Radical grace required

If you’re on the outside, looking in, it may appear that all we do is horse around at HeartStories.  We throw fun parties, laugh and tell stories all day every day.  But the reality is we work our booties off to make things happen.  It seems like we’re constantly learning to navigate new curveballs.  Over here, behind the scenes at HeartStories HQ of late, we’ve been dealing with an ongoing issue, that is requiring lots of extra grace.  As a means of comic relief from the stress of it, Lauren and I have been sending each other ridiculous gifs via text message.  Nothing cruel or demeaning of anyone, simply our personal reactions to each other.  Right in the middle of our text conversation yesterday, I opened Instagram, looking for something in particular, and this quote was the first thing I saw:

“Patience is when you are supposed to be mad, but you choose to understand.”

It was a post by Laura Roach a family law attorney, who is one of our HeartStories Sponsors.  I laughed at the irony, screenshotted it, and sent it to Lauren.  Just looking back at the conversation now, is both making me laugh. . . and giving me hope.  It means the world to me to work with a team of women whose hearts I trust.  Especially when we are navigating difficult situations, knowing the aim of each team member is loving kindness toward all, makes the journey so much easier.

It’s the grace to remain kind in cruel situations, that gives way to laughter and love. 

I read this Instagram post from my friend dear friend Melissa Blair this morning.  Not only can the girl make me laugh out loud from her ridiculous shenanigans, she hits my heart, right in the deepest parts, every time.   We come from very different backgrounds, different upbringings, and yet we meet continually on this beautiful path of life.  I find so much solace in her wisdom and courage to write words that haven’t fully formed from my heart into my mind and onto these keys yet.  She mentioned the “bloody trail left by destructive words over New York’s abortion laws a few weeks ago” saying,  “Isn’t it especially grievous that both the words spoken AND the laws remain?

I feel that so deeply. 

You can be disappointed, grieved, and angry without choosing to (intentionally or unintentionally) hurt others with your words and actions.  You can stand for things you believe in without standing on the throat of others who disagree.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but it can be done.  I’m watching strong leaders do it everyday.  And I’m taking loads of notes.

Who in your life today is requiring extra grace?

Maybe they’re requiring more grace than you think is appropriate.  Maybe you’ve written them off as undeserving of your grace or loving kindness.  Maybe you think their actions let you off the hook.

Think again.

The truth is quite the opposite.  Their actions are actually an invitation for you to dig a little deeper.  To find compassion, and show grace beyond capacity you’ve been practicing.  To show up with kindness, dignity and respect, no matter what others are choosing.

Sometimes it takes radical grace to remain kind in cruel situations. 

It’s in you.

You just might have to dig a little deeper to find it.  

to more love,


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