The person who could do it all again

I’m not sure exactly how or why but the subject of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos divorce came up around the dinner table last night.  We often talk about the hard work of entrepreneurship, but it doesn’t often diverge into the dividing of assets in a divorce proceeding.  The topic began with a discussion over the sheer amount of money that would need to be divided and the “fairness” of the system of division and how painful it must be to only end up with half of $137 billion.  Then Oaks asked, “Do you think he’ll make it back?”  We talked about how hard it would be to make that kind of money twice in one’s lifetime.  Regardless of your opinion of Jeff, the truth is, if anyone could make that kind of money again, he probably could.  He has become the guy who knows what it takes to make that kind of money. My mind instantly went to Jim Rohn’s  famous quote about becoming a millionaire:

“Become a millionaire not for the million dollars, but for what it will make of you to achieve it. To have more, you must first become more.” – Jim Rohn

The lesson sounds trite until you’ve lived through some really hard things, whether they involve money or not.  It sound superficial until you’ve done something you only dreamed you could do . . . not in a waterfall of good luck, but drip by drip by drip.  Day after day of putting one foot in front of the other.  Getting knocked down and figuring out how to pull yourself back up, and dust yourself off . . . over and over again.  You don’t realize it all at once, but when you look back at the journey, you know you’ve become the person who could do it all again.  You might not want to.  

But you could.

One of my favorite things about speaking to groups of women is the opportunity to stop speaking and get them connecting with one another.  A few days ago, I had the opportunity to share with this group of Beachbody coaches who were meeting for self-development, inspiration, and motivation as they launch into the new year.  Seeing their community, and listening to their stories reminded me of one of the very best things about network marketing: you instantly join a team of people who are on a determined path of self-development.

They are becoming the women who can create the business, finances, and lives they want for themselves.  

Listening to their stories of accomplishments through struggle, was such an inspiration to me, and a beautiful reminder that this life is ALL about the becoming.  Whatever you’re going through today will make you stronger, if you choose it.

You are becoming the person who could do it all again, only better.

Because of the difficult road you’ve traveled, you’ve become the person who can handle whatever comes next.

Don’t give up.

Get back up.

Keep going. 

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