The jungle is making you

The jungle is making youJungle Book was one of my favorite movies as a kid.   So I’ve been really excited about seeing it with the boys and it did not disappoint.   There were so many grown-up lessons in it that I can’t help but share.  Maybe I’ll just share two.

Today, just one.  

Jungle book is the story of Mowgli, a bright, optimistic, and passionate little boy who grows up in the jungle and knows nothing of what it’s like to live as a human man.   Baloo, a lazy bear who is initially only friends Mowgli for what he can do for him, but comes to love him deeply through their friendship.   Bagheera, a wise and at times, over-protective, black panther who mentors Mowgli in the ways of the jungle.

The story is wonderfully engaging.  It’s full of mishaps and laughter with Baloo the bear.  It’s also laced with close calls and eery danger as Mowgli is hunted down.  But it turns out to be the story of Mowgli’s journey to figure out who he really is.

Most of us can probably relate to his journey.  

He grows up knowing he’s a little different from everyone else, including his own family.  As he gets older, he ventures out to connect with all different kinds of animals, never really understanding what makes him so different.   It’s confusing and at times, very painful.  He can’t quite figure out, where he fits in.

No matter how hard he tries.

Then he learns his story.  With sadness, he resigns himself to return to the “man village”, to learn how to live like a man.  But it’s in that journey, fraught with danger, that he discovers his passion and his power.

The very thing that made him different became his greatest strength.  

His love for the animals in the jungle became the most fulfilling mission of his life.  And he returns to serve them with his whole heart.  His devotion and love for each of the different and very divided animal groups ends up bringing them all together in a beautiful way.  At the end, Bagheera turns to all the other animals saying,

“Tonight I saw a little boy,without a people,  bring the entire jungle together for the very first time.”

You’ve heard it before.   Your weakness can become your strength.  What makes you different makes you strong.  But please hear me today.

This jungle journey you’re on, it’s making you.  

As difficult and painful as the jungle may be, it’s making you exactly who you’re meant to be.   It’s shaping you.  It’s growing you.   This path is guiding and preparing you to love and serve others in a way you never could have on the easy road.

Let it.

Stop fighting and resisting.  Stop trying to avoid all the pain.

Use it.  Learn from it.  Let it make you stronger.

Your people are waiting for you to bring them together.  

Get up and serve them sister.

We need you.

to more love,


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