The hardest step is the first one

This is the one and only pic I snagged last night from the Girls Night Out.  It was before all the ladies arrived and we got lost in a world of hilarious laughter.  But it’s incredibly special to me because this girl is living her HeartStory at age 24, and it’s a beautiful example for us all.

Meet Savannah.  

Savannah is a brilliant fine art photographer, with a sunny disposition, who captured all the hysterical moments for us last night.  The room was her jungle gym, while she climbed anything necessary to get the angle she wanted.  She was on a mission and nothing was going to get in her way!

I have a very sneaky suspicion we’ll be blown away be the story she’ll tell through her images.  

What you need to know about Savannah’s story is that she’s an insurance underwriter by day, and a talented photographer by night.   She picked up a camera looking for a hobby.  What she found instead, was pure passion for capturing moments of love and laughter, telling stories through the emotions she sees in her lens.  And because she mustered the courage to pursue it, we’re all the beneficiaries.

I believe that photos should capture pure, raw emotion, so that ten years from now, you should still feel that emotion pouring out of the picture every time you look at it.” ~ Savannah Peterson

What hobby is calling you?

What’s the thing you’ve been curious to try, but haven’t had the time?  Or maybe more honestly, maybe you haven’t had the courage to pursue?  What if it’s really as simple watching a tutorial online and picking up a camera?

What if it could turn into a passion that brings you joy, new connections and deeper sense of purpose? 

Whatever it is, lean in.  Pay attention.  Determine to muster the courage to pursue it, one tiny step at a time.

The hardest step is the first one.  

Take it.

to more love,


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