The hard, right thing


I watched a video this morning from one of my favorite mentors (who doesn’t even know she’s my mentor), Margie Warrell. In it, she shared the story of a woman entrepreneur named Brenda Keane.  Brenda sat on her dream, to start a yoga pant line for curvy women, for seven years (!) before attending one of Margie’s workshops and decided to go for it.  She allowed the stories in her mind to fill her with doubt and the fear of failure.

She was convinced she wasn’t good enough, experienced enough, or “ready” enough.  

Until the day she launched her company, sixteen months ago.  She shared with Margie how the decision to do the hard thing has changed her life.  She shared that, as anticipated, it has been hard.   She may or may not be able to retire off the earnings, but that no matter what, the journey of becoming,  the journey of “living her biggest life”, has already been worth it.  As soon as the words left Margie’s mouth, I had The Fray lyrics in my head.

“Sometimes the hard thing and the right thing are the same.”  

Those words are undeniably true.  It’s rare that the easy path is the best path.  I’m sitting on something this morning that feels like a very hard thing, for more reasons than I can explain.  But I know it’s the right thing.  So I’m taking action, and choosing to do it.  I’ll tell you all about it sometime, no doubt, but today, I want to hear about your hardest thing.

What hard thing are you facing today that you know is also the right thing? 

Don’t wait seven years.  Don’t even wait until tomorrow.  Do the hard, right thing today.

The hard part usually only lasts for a season. 

Look for the growth, not a predetermined outcome.

You can do hard things.

Don’t let the noise in your head tell you otherwise.

You can do this.

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